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Sunday, November 15, 2009

Today is America Recycles Day.

Thanks Mommy is Green . She blogged about today is America Recycles Day. Which is interesting because my city does have city wide recycling and tonight is trash and recycling night!! But no invents in my area. Oh well. I didn't get online til late due to the internet being down. I might not be able to go anywhere anyway.

We used to recycle and get paid per pound. Truth is that we still take our aluminum cans for pizza money. Many times on Eath Day they will give you a great deal.

Glass is the easiest to recycle. If you ever have seen a glass blower; the glass can easily be reheated and blown to many different shapes. Sad thing is that at work recycle plastic and paper but not glass. Glass jars can easily be reused and no worries about BPA.

Paper is another easily recycled item. Many young groups collect paper if your city doesn't have city wide recycling. Little things can make a big difference. Just recycling your Sunday Paper will save one tree!! Using recycled paper will also reduce air pollution 95%.

We started to recycle when Miss Animal Rights was little and her grandparents gave her a subscription to Ranger Rick. I read to her about recycling and how it would save the animals home. She cried we hav eto save the animals homes!! So we started tor recycle. She got her grandparent to recycle. They too used the money for pizza or ice cream parties for her. That was years ago!

Let not forget to recycle things like our cell phones, inkjet cartridges and many other things. We drop off our dead cell phones at Petsmart store to help animals. But there is a site online that you can donate your dead cell phone to help people in need (many times victims of domestic violence) called Secure the Call . Just download and print this label and send them your phone or inkjet cartridges.

TerraCycle is another place to send your recyclables to and they will make something new! Drink pouch backpacks and tote bags are many things you will find there. Find out how to send them your empty glue sticks, glue bottles, drink pouches, chip bags and more!



  1. Thanks to you too for spreading the word! :) I think it's a great idea to use recycling money for a treat like pizza or ice cream.

  2. good for Little Miss Animal Rights! Cool that you still collect money for recycling. Maybe more people here would participate if it we did. Ours just goes to the curb and gets picked up, and for that I'm grateful. I've lived in plenty of places where you take it to the Recycling center and sort it all out.

  3. Thanks for being an embassador. We need more people passing the word along. We recycle, and reuse. Thanks.

  4. I like your site. I'm always trying to figure out how I can be more green. I'll need to see what your other posts are about and what I can change around my home!

    Following from MBC.



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