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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Local Heroes.

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I find it very interesting that the "super foods" are foods that are usually shipped from foreign lands and cost more than the local stuff.  This is not helping the green energy movement for the energy that is used in shipping and flying the fruits and vegetables to different countries.  I mean have the time I forget what they are called let alone how to pronounce it... plus many of the items looked to much like the things I know and love.... that berry does look like a blueberry to me...

Having started to eat local produce and from farmers markets I wonder am I getting all that I can from my foods? We need that super fruit from a long distance island?  You know I am all for trying new foods but sometimes it seems like everything has to be the foreign not the homegrown!  What is wrong with the homegrown??  I started to research many of my favorite foods.  I found that indeed they are healthy and also help build healthy cells...   I thought gee my grandparents eat all these and why all of a sudden is our diet wrong?

The average  American diet is way off.  American eat (on a whole) too much sugar, fat and over processed foods.  I saw a site that had a piece on the Standard American Diet, and abbreviated the name to SAD.  Made me laugh, for a minute, but it is kinda true.  But if we do go back to the way (my) grandparents or even great grandparents ate we could live healthier.  I understand that many families are over worked and the drive threw makes things easier...  but at the cost of our families health we should try for a healthier way.  And I am not saying to give up the drive threw or the play ground lunch fun just not all the time.  I know too many parents rely on the happy kid  meals for more than once a day....

So yea the fruits that I love, raspberries,  blueberries and strawberries are antioxidants and healthy.  Any fruit that is bright in color is helpful.  Sugar but natural sugars. High in vitamins.  And so good!! 

That most vegetables are also helpful in aiding the body to fight disease.  The bright colored vegetables are full of powerful antioxidants that help the body fight free radicals. Not forgetting things like onions and garlic that are strong fighters for the diseases that attack our bodies.  Carrots are being praised for helping make good cholesterol and fighting bad cholesterol! Tomatoes also are our backyard champs... So salsa is something that can help fight the good fight... yummm 

So just Like Dr. Oz saying the bright colored fruits help fight cancers and are full of antioxidants. Basic foods like beans and grains are also helpful.  Full of fiber, minerals and vitamins.

You don't have to eat that food that you may never pronounce right or drink that drink you really don't like the bitter taste of.... You can just eat the stuff you know and are used to.  They are healthy for you too.  That way you can save your money for things you like or spurge on that one item you really like.  Eating real food that isn't prebaked,  frozen chemical laden over processed  open the box and pour meals.

I have fallen in love with my crock pot again!  ... I throw a ton of veggies and a piece of chicken. Turn on to low and go to work.  I come home to a wonderful smell and dinner is done.   Left over can be reheated quickly and frozen for work lunches....


Sunday, September 11, 2011

Oh Frack!!

Great! My dad has heard that some of the people around the area he lives has been paid off for use of their land. Seems that they are going to be fracking in the suburbs around here. I also heard that they plan on fracking in another suburb in the same county.....

 So if you never heard of fracking Treehugger has a Infographic with a little bit of what is good about it and want isn't... Basically they drill down pass the water table and pump water into the shale. This water cause the shale to crack.... and when it cracks the natural gas will be set free... sound like a nature show... doesn't it?

Oh yea the movie 'Erin Brockovich,' the one with Julia Roberts as a lawyer aide that uncovers the water in a community was making people sick. well fracking was behind that too....

 We are getting commercials from Chesapeake Energy right and left... so really makes my skin crawl... if they are wanting to help us transition to clean-burning natural gas to help lesson our dependence on foreign oil..... they also claim that this is affordable;  to drill or frack.

 But at what price? OUR drinking water like the movie Gasland. True that in Dimock, Pa where they "lit the water on fire" was proven wrong and that it wasn't the fault of the natural gas company. Gas seeping from land owned by Lisa Bracken in Garfield County, Colorado however did result where EnCana Oil & Gas was fined $371,200. It also was because of a fault line. A few people did get settlements after learning that the fracking indeed was the reason why they had thermogenic methane in their water well. Where it was proven that drilling and hydraulic fracturing can liberate biogenic natural gas into a fresh water. So I am kinda worried that the fact they don't have to tell us what is in the fracking water and don't have to be held accountable for the items either. With the EPA having no power over them if they do use things that are harmfull. Thank you to the Safe Drinking Water Act in the Energy Policy Act of 2005.

Of course my dad is worry about the info one of the neighbors college son told them.  That there will be semi trucks driving straight for 3 months back and forth to the drill sight,  that then they also will be building for the same amount of time.  When they get it up and running they will be driving semi trucks in and out all day to bring and get rid of the fracking water.  He was like they said it was like a million gallons of water and they don't get all the water out??   I said that what I heard too... gessh my dad was shocked...  That and the fact if might be held in a pond right next to the drill site where pets and other animals can drink.  PLUS in this quiet suburb they will have 20 stories tall lit up pumping stations that will light up the country mile of land.... so it will be like daylight in the middle of the night in the only place I can go see the stats at night without the city lights blocking our view...

The  truth is my dad is worried about his quiet suburb that will never be the same because of the driving of trucks day and night.  The wear and tear on the roads... his water... the safety of  chemicals and the fact the government didn't even ask the community for feedback.... 

True  Chesapeake Energy site does say the chemical they use are a safe. They are the same chemicals that are found in everyday cleaning household products. Plus they use chlorine-based sanitization aides like the chemicals you use in your pool. I don't have a pool so maybe their pool.... But all we are asking is too make sure this is safe ingredients and have  the EPA be able to say yes this is all safe...

Then again they do have the say on many of those household cleaners and they are questionable on safety. Seeing how many ingredients are not for sale in Europe, because they ban things until they are proven save and here we ban things when they are proven  harmful.......

Messed up isn't it............ and very scary........
What ever happened to reusable energy, like solar and wind???


Sunday, September 4, 2011

Has Cheezburger and hotdog

So today is my day off this week-end and I am planing a cook-out with the weather report of thunderstorms all day..... Guess we might have a cook-in... So enjoy your week-end and Labor Day!



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