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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shyite people say to crunchy Moms

Have you seen those videos that are entitled Sh*t that certain people say?? I saw one that was the sh*t crunchy moms say. I do remember I did a post on the crazy stuff I say to the family.... but then I am just in one of those moods that I want to write the crazy stuff that people say to me when they learn I am eco-friendly.

 Isn't that nice?
 It was 20 degrees below zero last night. Where is you global warming now??
 You know that won't do any good...
 We have more then enough gas and oil so why are you worried?
 I don't care I don't have kids.
It's too much work for what?
 A little bit isn't going to make a difference. 
It's too expensive, eco-friendly products cost way too much.
 You some kinda hippy dippy aren't you?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Removing the clutter

They remind you that New Year's Ee was the time to donate things so you can get a tax write off. But I think it is the snow we are getting right now I am in a clear the clutter out of the house. You know those things that are on the top shelf of your cupboard. First of course I asked the girls if they want anything.  As you can see that one bag that was Miss Animal Rights is filled with clothes.  She loved her present of luggage; leaving her old bag that I don't need as the perfect "box" to fill with my unwanted clothes.

My kitchen seems to look bigger for many things have been removed from the counters.  Only it didn't help I got rid of the toaster oven because someone melted plastic on the top of it and now it smells of burning plastic when it is in use.  I don't think that is a healthy thing so it in the trash can.

My junk door is also a target.  I reorganized the drawer with some of the little basket type things I found.  I thought they are so small wonder if they will fit in the junk drawer! So now my little things like little do-dads that I not sure if they are important are together. Tools that are everyday use are close to the opening.  Tape and scissors are in another little container.  Oh and the 15 cell phones are in a bag for the recycle box for whatever store I get to first...


Grease is the word!!

So many time the green dish soaps are no the greatest at removing that greasy mess on my pans. My dressing bottle is the worst!  So I went to the internet to research.  The ideas I found:

Sprinkle salt on dish and use as a scrub
Add 1/2 cup of Vinegar to dish water
for glass soak with soap and microwaving for a minute or so

Wait if the vinegar was the answer won't my dressing bottle be easier to clean? It oil and vinegar...  I have been having fun using different vinegar favors so maybe only the white? Well it really didn't work....

Microwaving with the soapy water or without??? Didn't work for either...

The salt helped remove some of the grease.  The pans were the one where this worked the best.  I sprinkle the salt and let sit until I am ready to wash the dishes.  Maybe it help to put it in when the pan is still a little hot..

So the best method is all of them together!! While it is warm from cooking (no need for the microwave!!!) sprinkle with salt. Then before washing remove the salt with the dishcloth.  I don't wet down the towel. I add warm water with vinegar to soak it till I reach the pans....

That worked! So I found out that lemon also works well.  I like to clean with lemons cause they smell so good!!



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