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Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shyite people say to crunchy Moms

Have you seen those videos that are entitled Sh*t that certain people say?? I saw one that was the sh*t crunchy moms say. I do remember I did a post on the crazy stuff I say to the family.... but then I am just in one of those moods that I want to write the crazy stuff that people say to me when they learn I am eco-friendly.

 Isn't that nice?
 It was 20 degrees below zero last night. Where is you global warming now??
 You know that won't do any good...
 We have more then enough gas and oil so why are you worried?
 I don't care I don't have kids.
It's too much work for what?
 A little bit isn't going to make a difference. 
It's too expensive, eco-friendly products cost way too much.
 You some kinda hippy dippy aren't you?


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