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Sunday, February 12, 2012

Grease is the word!!

So many time the green dish soaps are no the greatest at removing that greasy mess on my pans. My dressing bottle is the worst!  So I went to the internet to research.  The ideas I found:

Sprinkle salt on dish and use as a scrub
Add 1/2 cup of Vinegar to dish water
for glass soak with soap and microwaving for a minute or so

Wait if the vinegar was the answer won't my dressing bottle be easier to clean? It oil and vinegar...  I have been having fun using different vinegar favors so maybe only the white? Well it really didn't work....

Microwaving with the soapy water or without??? Didn't work for either...

The salt helped remove some of the grease.  The pans were the one where this worked the best.  I sprinkle the salt and let sit until I am ready to wash the dishes.  Maybe it help to put it in when the pan is still a little hot..

So the best method is all of them together!! While it is warm from cooking (no need for the microwave!!!) sprinkle with salt. Then before washing remove the salt with the dishcloth.  I don't wet down the towel. I add warm water with vinegar to soak it till I reach the pans....

That worked! So I found out that lemon also works well.  I like to clean with lemons cause they smell so good!!


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