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Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Craziness?

I really don't go blindly agree with everything I read. I guess I have the research gene. I read something and think ummm I wonder if there is some study to prove that is true. Really I get on line or I open a tab and search that stuff..  Like this hydrogen peroxide pin craziness... I searched and found no medical site that agreed with the claims.....

So I found this site from Truth or Fiction  that said basically that the cleaning proprieties are on the mark but the beauty parts or "cures" not so much.  I have hydrogen peroxide in my laundry area for the bloody noses and female opps from my daughter so I know it breaks down the blood cells.  Don't think I would drink it or use it as a cure for cancer.   I found a site that a woman died because she was getting IVs of hydrogen peroxide to cure her cancer... scary...

It's like bleach.  It is the ingredient that "oxygen" bleaches contain! So you can use it on clothes, cutting boards, food and counter tops. So I will keep my bottle with the spray head in the kitchen and the bottle in the laundry area. To clean. guess it can't hurt right?


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