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Tuesday, December 17, 2013

Earth Friendly Gift Wrap. Furochic It!

So much fun... Plus you can use towels and other things to wrap your gifts for eco-friendly wrap.


Saturday, July 27, 2013

I'm going to pop some tags!

Warning this is the original version so the language is not for little ones or work.

It's a cute little rap about thrift store shopping.  Saying things like I have said hey it was 99 cents! You know for work that my shirts get stained it isn't the too bad to find a shirt that isn't too ugly.

You think this rap might make thrift store shopping more popular?


Friday, July 26, 2013

Reusng those bulk bags

I got somethings in bulk and get some nice bags from Earth Fare  that have the zip type tops.  I usually have a bag in my reusable bag I got from them so I get the same things again.  BUT sometimes I forget to put it back in the bag... so I have a few sitting around.  I also work at a warehouse club were I get some good deals on things like berries. You know when they have too many and more coming in at the height of the season. So I got some strawberries and thought I freeze some for later.  I saw my bags and thought ok it might have a little bit of the sugar in them but then it won't hurt the strawberries. Why not?  I also have a raspberry and  blueberry bag.


Tuesday, July 23, 2013

A Small Visitor

Look who was enjoying my mulberry bush... Poor thing was soaked from the crazy rain we have been getting.


Sunday, July 21, 2013

OMG it's a Heat Wave

So the weather man says it's not... but it been over a week with heat advisory that the temps feel like over 100. In this area that is high temps.... goodness.

But my little green heart is thinking I can't wait for a cool night to open my windows!! I was told by a co-worker that that was using more energy (she heard) because the humidity will get into your walls and the air conditioner will have to work even harder the next morning.  Yea I don't believe half I hear and half I read... LOL so off the google.

I found many sites that says that running fans at night is more energy efficient. Because they don't use as much energy as the air conditioner. BUT most of them are not what I would call as a expert site...

So I will keep doing this because my electric bill only went up $10 when I do this... yea that got some raised eyebrows,, AND because I get stuffed up with the air on most of the time.  I really didn't like keeping it on during the night but with the lows in the high 70's and 70% humidity it was unbearable.  UN- BEAR-ABLE!!!

So I guess it is TMI so also tell you I did sleep naked... LOL   BUT it was so hot and sticky in my bedroom.

Now when I am home I have my window air conditioner on and a fan blowing the air to the rest of the house.  When I go to work I turn off my fan turn up  the temp to 75.   Keep the animals from roasted.

Keep cool everyone!!


Thursday, March 28, 2013

So Disappointing!

H.R.933 passed!? The same bill that is been nicknamed monsanto-protection act. President Obama signed in the bill.... even after 250,000 people sending the message to him to veto.... Many members of Congress have received $7,450,434 from organizations that use GMO..........Senator Roy Blunt a member of the Appropriations Committee, has received $70,592 from the PACs of these organizations. Read the numbers at Mother Earth News...

Start at 1:20 for the info not all the news intro stuff...


Friday, March 15, 2013

Cast Iron

Guess what I am doing today?? LOL just ignore the bottom of the oven there... I know I have to clean it. But the cast iron skillet on the left on top is a new one. Why waste the energy for one pan.  I decided to season all my cast iron pans. Re-season so to speak. Is that a word??

I did clean the new pan cause I work at a store and know how dusty a store can be... by habit I used salt to remove the dirt with a wet dishcloth.  Then I air dried. The old pans where already seasoned but then you should re-season them once in awhile.

I used some lard (make sure it is a rendered type of lard) to spread all over the pan. I did the handle too; cause of a spill once that had me doing a work out to get the burnt something off the handle. sigh.. Learning by mistakes.

I left them in the oven after the timer went off just cause I thought it might not be a bad idea with all those extra pans in there... then wipe off the oil on the top of the pans..

re-seasoned pans.

I love  pan seared  steaks.  Well it was a Rachael Ray hint (by the way the link doesn't take you to the Rachael Ray site but to another link I found from pinerest)

Some of the pans I got from family.  My grandmother cook many things in the cast iron skittles.  I do have a griddle that is cast iron and I used that for pancakes and grilled cheese.



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