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Friday, March 15, 2013

Cast Iron

Guess what I am doing today?? LOL just ignore the bottom of the oven there... I know I have to clean it. But the cast iron skillet on the left on top is a new one. Why waste the energy for one pan.  I decided to season all my cast iron pans. Re-season so to speak. Is that a word??

I did clean the new pan cause I work at a store and know how dusty a store can be... by habit I used salt to remove the dirt with a wet dishcloth.  Then I air dried. The old pans where already seasoned but then you should re-season them once in awhile.

I used some lard (make sure it is a rendered type of lard) to spread all over the pan. I did the handle too; cause of a spill once that had me doing a work out to get the burnt something off the handle. sigh.. Learning by mistakes.

I left them in the oven after the timer went off just cause I thought it might not be a bad idea with all those extra pans in there... then wipe off the oil on the top of the pans..

re-seasoned pans.

I love  pan seared  steaks.  Well it was a Rachael Ray hint (by the way the link doesn't take you to the Rachael Ray site but to another link I found from pinerest)

Some of the pans I got from family.  My grandmother cook many things in the cast iron skittles.  I do have a griddle that is cast iron and I used that for pancakes and grilled cheese.


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