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Monday, December 17, 2012


So I know that it's been busy time for the home improvement business. I know Sandy helped get more business for them. I do understand but I can still can be frustrated that it is taking this long for my roof to be fixed! I understand that my little bit of roof missing isn't as bad ad many someone that has a big hole.... My little bit that got blown off isn't too bad a half a day work.  That and it freaked me out they kept saying it's not a expensive job.. I don't know many people that have a couple thousand to spend on a roof... But I guess it better than the whole roof or repair of a hole.

Today they were suppose to start to fix it...almost 2 months later.... but the foreman is sick.  My dad is out of town taking my nephew back to Florida. So all week I work... and no one to be here if they need a ok to do something that isn't covered my insurance.... grrr. I have my mangers ok to have my phone with me encase they called for that ok.

So I guess I will be waiting till tomorrow I hope...



  1. I hope your roof is fixed already. You’re lucky that hurricane Sandy did not blow your entire roof apart or leave a big hole, but of course it’s better to have it repaired immediately to prevent further damage.

    Elizabeth Hoffnung

  2. My roof was completely blown off before too, and it was a very horrible experience. I was complacent enough not to check my roof for weak spots nor have them reinforced. That proved to be one of the worst mistakes in my life. Weeks after the disaster, I was able to replace my roof. And since then, I made sure to have routine checkups and do maintenance to ensure its sturdiness.

    Joanne Barragan



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