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Sunday, December 9, 2012

Honey Lemons, Echinacea and Vicks Oh MY!

I had a head cold. Ok I still have a little cough but I can talk. A few days ago I had no voice. Was so much fun when I work with the public. It was kinda funny when I would talk and people would get this horrified look on their face as to say OH shit she is sick... and quickly back away.. But hey you won't be able to hear me... Plus if I had a dime for every-time some one told me "Hey you have Laryngitis!". Yep I do. Gee thanks Captain Obvious!

My adventure in trying to feel better was interesting....

OK You know this is not medical advice. That common sense will tell you if you are very sick go to the doctor not read my blog ....I am not a doctor or a nurse. disclaimer....... Just my adventure in laryngitis and cough my head off land..... 

 I quickly figured out that I have not started my winter echinacea regiment of 15 days on and 15 days off.  Seeing how it was like what 60 something last week I can see how I forgot to start taking it....

I started to drink a ton of tea cause the warm water did a great job on my throat. Crazy think is it didn't hurt most of the time (just when I weak up in the middle of the night). I would add honey (honey is suppose to be good for sore throats plus help fight infections) and lemon. (same thing with the lemons) I would take honey and lemon to work to add to my tea at work.  LOL I think I still have a little container of honey in my locker!!

    Didn't really feel like eating but knew I should. So I eat a lot of chicken and rice soup. You know the feed a cold thing that chicken soup is good for fighting a cold... but now I am so sick of chicken and rice soup... LOL

I made a cough medicine.

1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of warm water

tasted ok.  I didn't have cayenne. But then I wasn't really congested just coughing and had laryngitis.  I did once in a while just take a little honey and kinda suck on it to cover my throat.  I did that at work sometimes  after I drank all my tea... LOL  Cause honey is so gooooodddd. PLUS the most important part is I got the honey at the farmers market or the health food store not the big box shelves of the "sugar water" honey. They say that it helps with allergies because the bees work the flowers in your area. Helping you build up a resistance.  I know this is not proven to be a fact but it seems to help me (it works for me may not work for others.)
I wore vicks VapoRub on my feet with socks.  This is one of those things that has been circling the internet that helps night time cough. It did the first night then again maybe it was cause I got no sleep the night before because I kept waking up coughing.  Second night nope didn't work... BUT I also raised the top of my bed a little to help me breathe.  I lay down. I cough and get stuffed up... oh yea a head cold...

I now have a sports bottle of water by my bed and in my car. Great for the dry throat feeling. Stops the cough my head off cause I was over heated in that store.... Or cause I have been snoring half the night.
Water is good right? Guess a good habit came out of this fun.

OK You know this is not medical advice. That common sense will tell you if you are very sick go to the doctor not read my blog ....I am not a doctor or a nurse. disclaimer.......


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  1. Normally I would squeeze half a lemon juice and add a bit of warm water and drink it before I go to bed at night and it will cure my cough and sore throat. Well it works for me but might not for others. Some old wifes tale and home medical remedies sometime really do work. Happy blogging to you and hope you get well soon. Merry Christmas in advance to you and family



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