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Monday, December 17, 2012


So I know that it's been busy time for the home improvement business. I know Sandy helped get more business for them. I do understand but I can still can be frustrated that it is taking this long for my roof to be fixed! I understand that my little bit of roof missing isn't as bad ad many someone that has a big hole.... My little bit that got blown off isn't too bad a half a day work.  That and it freaked me out they kept saying it's not a expensive job.. I don't know many people that have a couple thousand to spend on a roof... But I guess it better than the whole roof or repair of a hole.

Today they were suppose to start to fix it...almost 2 months later.... but the foreman is sick.  My dad is out of town taking my nephew back to Florida. So all week I work... and no one to be here if they need a ok to do something that isn't covered my insurance.... grrr. I have my mangers ok to have my phone with me encase they called for that ok.

So I guess I will be waiting till tomorrow I hope...


Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Holiday American Made Man sized...

So as I said earlier from Diane Sawyer and Nightline:

 "The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion, the National Retail Federation estimates. If that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs. But it doesn't even have to be that big. If each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs."

Oh yea I am backing this totally. To buy products made int his country helps the environment because there is less energy used to ship products. Even more our economy needs us to back our local USA made products.... guess I am on a kick here....

I found a few male sporting type gifts... Ok you can give some of these gifts to a female sportsman too... but it the fact I am looking for Dad gifts now....

Leatherman Multi-tools 
They even have a few pink tools that also support Breast Cancer Awareness!
Buck Knives 

Plus I found a couple more basic companies...
Cutco Cutlery
Coats and Clark (thread and sewing)
Tootsie Rolls.... 


Sunday, December 9, 2012

Honey Lemons, Echinacea and Vicks Oh MY!

I had a head cold. Ok I still have a little cough but I can talk. A few days ago I had no voice. Was so much fun when I work with the public. It was kinda funny when I would talk and people would get this horrified look on their face as to say OH shit she is sick... and quickly back away.. But hey you won't be able to hear me... Plus if I had a dime for every-time some one told me "Hey you have Laryngitis!". Yep I do. Gee thanks Captain Obvious!

My adventure in trying to feel better was interesting....

OK You know this is not medical advice. That common sense will tell you if you are very sick go to the doctor not read my blog ....I am not a doctor or a nurse. disclaimer....... Just my adventure in laryngitis and cough my head off land..... 

 I quickly figured out that I have not started my winter echinacea regiment of 15 days on and 15 days off.  Seeing how it was like what 60 something last week I can see how I forgot to start taking it....

I started to drink a ton of tea cause the warm water did a great job on my throat. Crazy think is it didn't hurt most of the time (just when I weak up in the middle of the night). I would add honey (honey is suppose to be good for sore throats plus help fight infections) and lemon. (same thing with the lemons) I would take honey and lemon to work to add to my tea at work.  LOL I think I still have a little container of honey in my locker!!

    Didn't really feel like eating but knew I should. So I eat a lot of chicken and rice soup. You know the feed a cold thing that chicken soup is good for fighting a cold... but now I am so sick of chicken and rice soup... LOL

I made a cough medicine.

1 tablespoon of honey
1 tablespoon of lemon juice
1 tablespoon of warm water

tasted ok.  I didn't have cayenne. But then I wasn't really congested just coughing and had laryngitis.  I did once in a while just take a little honey and kinda suck on it to cover my throat.  I did that at work sometimes  after I drank all my tea... LOL  Cause honey is so gooooodddd. PLUS the most important part is I got the honey at the farmers market or the health food store not the big box shelves of the "sugar water" honey. They say that it helps with allergies because the bees work the flowers in your area. Helping you build up a resistance.  I know this is not proven to be a fact but it seems to help me (it works for me may not work for others.)
I wore vicks VapoRub on my feet with socks.  This is one of those things that has been circling the internet that helps night time cough. It did the first night then again maybe it was cause I got no sleep the night before because I kept waking up coughing.  Second night nope didn't work... BUT I also raised the top of my bed a little to help me breathe.  I lay down. I cough and get stuffed up... oh yea a head cold...

I now have a sports bottle of water by my bed and in my car. Great for the dry throat feeling. Stops the cough my head off cause I was over heated in that store.... Or cause I have been snoring half the night.
Water is good right? Guess a good habit came out of this fun.

OK You know this is not medical advice. That common sense will tell you if you are very sick go to the doctor not read my blog ....I am not a doctor or a nurse. disclaimer.......


Monday, December 3, 2012

Made In the USA

A quote from Diane Sawyer and Nightline I heard the other night:

"The average American will spend $700 on holiday gifts and goodies this year, totaling more than $465 billion, the National Retail Federation estimates. If that money was spent entirely on US made products it would create 4.6 million jobs. But it doesn't even have to be that big. If each of us spent just $64 on American made goods during our holiday shopping, the result would be 200,000 new jobs."

While buying our hliday gifts we should look to see where that item is made. Why wouldn't Americans want to buy $64 on something made in the USA?.  To help keep and get jobs in this country

 Made in America companies that I have found.

For the Foodie:
Nordic Ware
KitchenAid Appliances

Kids Toys
 Holgate Toys

                                                                                    Decortating or Hostess Gifts:
                                                                                    Yankee Candles

So any more you know of? Share the knowledge


Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Hydrogen Peroxide Craziness?

I really don't go blindly agree with everything I read. I guess I have the research gene. I read something and think ummm I wonder if there is some study to prove that is true. Really I get on line or I open a tab and search that stuff..  Like this hydrogen peroxide pin craziness... I searched and found no medical site that agreed with the claims.....

So I found this site from Truth or Fiction  that said basically that the cleaning proprieties are on the mark but the beauty parts or "cures" not so much.  I have hydrogen peroxide in my laundry area for the bloody noses and female opps from my daughter so I know it breaks down the blood cells.  Don't think I would drink it or use it as a cure for cancer.   I found a site that a woman died because she was getting IVs of hydrogen peroxide to cure her cancer... scary...

It's like bleach.  It is the ingredient that "oxygen" bleaches contain! So you can use it on clothes, cutting boards, food and counter tops. So I will keep my bottle with the spray head in the kitchen and the bottle in the laundry area. To clean. guess it can't hurt right?

Friday, August 10, 2012

Back to school Lunchbox Kit.

I almost missed the email asking me of I would review the new Rubbermaid Lunchbox Sandwich Kit... I seem to be getting a ton of spam in my email lately. I have tons of money waiting for me to let some lawyer pick up for me... LOL Plus someone told the internet about my weight gain... dang I didn't think it was that big of a deal..   I am getting tons of emails telling me that they have wonderful  products to help me.. lose it.

The Sandwich Kit includes a sandwich container sized for regular and specialty breads, two sizes of snack containers.  Two are smaller and the third is the same size as two of them together.  I Love love love the blue ice thing that fits with the containers. They snap together, saving you space and things getting dumped out.  It is microwave-, dishwasher- and freezer-safe and BPA-free! 

So I did use this for MY lunch..... I took it to work in my built lunch bag which some say it is a small bag and shocked that the sandwich kit fit in my little bag... LOL  I love it.  It is easy to use and I take a salad or sandwich in the bigger container.. treats or another snack in the smaller containers. Croutons. Etc.  If I don't take any snacks I still snap the ice pack on the top but you can snap it on the bottom if need to.  LOL I do after I have eaten what was in the containers and want to make room.

OMG I went to the Rubbermaid site and see they are sold out but they have a coupon if you buy at your local store.  It on the right hand side of the page.... PLUS they have more Lunchbox items than just the sandwich kit  (hey it can be used for more than just sandwiches).

But I love Rubbermaid for their reusable containers and even their Adventures in Organization Blog.  You can find some great ideas there. Check them out!!

 This video is crazy cool...

The LunchBlox Sandwich Kit is currently available for purchase at Target, Kmart, Kroger, Safeway, Bi-Lo, Winn-Dixie, HEB, other grocery stores and select Wal-Mart stores.  Don't forget to get your coupon on the Rubbermaid site!!!

Save money on lunch bags and paper bags check out the new Rubbermaid Lunchbox Sandwich Kit...

 I did receive the sandwich kit for review.  I was not paid for this review. these are my opinions.  Pictures and video are property of Rubbermaid.


Thursday, July 12, 2012


After reading an article on Care2 8 Healthy Swaps You haven't heard of  I tried the tip of using some shaved zucchini instead of pasta.  And to use spinach as pasta...Ok so my MO was to sneak it in the finished product and that way my family gets to try it but keep a little bit of it familiar.  I did this years ago when I was married.  When the reports kept saying we should stop drinking whole milk and drink 2%.  I slowly added 2% to whole milk so that family would get used to the taste. (oh yea I am that old...LOL) When Miss Animal Rights decided to become vegetarian I would sneak some TVP into our meat dishes to make them healthier...

Plus who am I kidding I think I have to train my taste buds too.  Cause you know you expect it to taste the way you think it will taste... LIKE pasta...  

I used to sneak spinach into stews and things.  Now that they are grown they do it too... but when they asked what is that green stuff I would say; umm I think it is parsley, oregano... maybe basil or something like that.  I used frozen spinach and put just a little in.  It looked like spices... ;) 

I have been  trying to eat less processed foods and I feel great less bloated.  I think I will keep this up!! 

So tonight I tried some sauce that I put in some shaved zucchini and some frozen spinach.  The zucchini seemed like tasteless... I thought it was onion most of the time so I guess I won't replace the pasta with either I will still do that: add some to the sauce and eat less pasta...  Boasting the veggie power to my pasta sauce.


Saturday, July 7, 2012

Honey I am home...

I went shopping today and  I told them I have my own bag.  And this is what they hand me....

ummmm ok I know most of us know the red bulls-eye bag... they give you what something like a dime for using your own bag...

Guess I have to shop this little shop more and show them what it means to bring your own bag means...


Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th

I have had a little fun with pinerest and thought I try some of the ideas I saw on one shirt... LOL  I did have a fail with the blue shirt I tried to spray paint white stars on. Doesn't work too well. The beach pen just made pink stars. Which was very upsetting.  I made a blue t-shirt with the beach pen and left it over night and it bleached it white... BUT that was a different shirt..... Oh well.  This one didn't want to bleach white!!!! 

I started with a white t-shirt.

 I printed star on sticker paper.  I just googled star stencil and found a site with the t-shirt idea!!! LOL so she had one that had 6 stars on it.  I thought too cool I could do 6 stars on front and 7 on the back.  I used fabric paint for the blue... I didn't have blue spray paint... so I thought I try the blue paint die and found fabric paint.  Yea... but then I didn't get to try the regular paint used as a dye... giggles I guess I can try that some other time...

The strips are old t-shirt material.  And the bottom of the t-shirt
I cut to have only the top blue.

Monday, June 25, 2012

Pet Accidents Spray

Oh yea Pin it!! First Home Love Life post about Pet Oder Be Gone..With animals it's a good thing to pin. Wait after reading the comments I see that many have found that if you add something it to it can make it even better....

So even better write a blog post about it!!! So I don't have scroll threw the comments.  And I can share with my readers.....

2 parts water 
1 part mouth wash
squirt of Dawn
 splash of vinegar
splash of hydrogen peroxide

The mouthwash is said to help lift the fats out. Dawn helps remove them.  I am hoping that eco-friendly dish-soap will work too... Vinegar cuts the ammonia. Miss Animal rights hate the smell of vinegar hopefully lemon will work too.   Hydrogen peroxide cuts the proteins.

Some are saying to use Scope some say use original Listerine. Mint washes are said the menthol or other mint extracts help remove the orders. Listerine has thymol and eucalyptol make it similar to the "thieves oil".

But I say use what you have on hand to try it....


Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 8 R's

Reuse. Reuse that jar for storage. That bottle for your homemade salad dressing. If you need help try Planet Green's Guide  How to Reuse Everything 

Repurpose. Rebuilding things with scrap wood. Pallet crafts.  Crafts.  Sewing tee into a blanket.

Repair.  Before you buy a new one see if the old one can be repaired.  This is happening more with cars reports say.  That we are holding on to our cars for 2 more years then before.  But I have a feeling it is the economy that plays a big part of that.....

Return. Just google cell phone return and you will find tons of sites.  Plus some will take  other electronics. Target and Walmart have drop boxes for that in their stores.  Easy to do!! Same with printer cartridges; if you can't refill that is.

Refill. Printer cartridges, water bottles, and more..

Rot.  Compost that leftover food (fruits and veggies) no meat products, eggs or cheese.

Refuse. Don't buy the over-packaged disposable single-use junk!  Don't buy the over priced stuff that is not eco-friendly.

Recycle.  This is that last step if you can't do any of the other 6....


Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fathers day gift

I know it is a little late but I made my dad some coasters.

I found the idea from pinterest. But I wasn't too sure about the foam board they said to glue the washer onto. I thought oh I can use cork board... SO I have to say when I saw theses coasters for 99 cents at Walmart I thought that would look nice.  Easier but hey I though it look neater.   I went ahead and glued the cork to the plastic coasters anyway.  They where glue like a small amount in the middle.  I got some washers and had some left over  (I got the smaller ones) .  SO I glued them to the cork.  Of course I did placed them inside one before gluing so I could see my pattern before gluing.

 I did make lasagna for him like I do almost every year for his birthday and father's day.  He gets the left overs to eat when he wants.  Lasagna does freeze well but he tells me that many times he doesn't get to freeze it because he eats it all!!


Monday, June 11, 2012

Reduced Gluten Diet

So I am trying to eat healthier. I really thought that I was using my mindset to help me with both eating right and quitting smoking.... but I saw online somewhere (you know I can't find the article I read to give a link here) that they find if you eat more fruits and vegetables quitting is easier! Wow I thought I was just telling myself that to keep me on track..

 I had a problem after quitting that was so uncomfortable. I was bloated like there was NO tomorrow, in the morning it was better. Well most of the time. I have a few co-workers and a friend that has celiac disease. She teased me that she was reading in a magazine that more "old folks like us" are being diagnosed with celiac disease. That maybe I should try going gluten free. Of course one friend who was trying a carb restrictive diet suggested I go carb free. Then seeing a bunch of reports online and TV saying do we really need to eat gluten?  I thought maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!    Well the fact I am a poor single woman with pasta and other carbs that are gluten rich in my cupboard; I decided to cut the amount. I was getting a piece of toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and dinner... maybe carb overload for my new improved metabolism. Not sure if it is true but I read somewhere in the materials I got from the quit smoking hot line that my metabolism was going to slow down due to the fact nicotine speeds it up. Ok I guess I have to deal.  But thought I was only gaining a little weigh not going to be painfully bloated.   I was going threw some painful bloating so I had to do something. I have to admit I did smoke a cigarette to "cure it". I felt horrible and said I have to figure this out. Cause I don't want to go back and have to wear the patches again.  Did I tell you that I got rashes really bad from them.  AND didn't sleep for over  3 months going thru withdraw....

So I have cut my wheat and gluten intake to my evening meal.  I eat oats or eggs for breakfast no more just a quick piece of buttered toast. I eat veggies and salads for lunch. Plus fruits and they make great snacks too.  And then I eat my dinner.  I have cut down the amount of pasta and up the amount of veggies.   Just like they say to do with beef products... Which I am craving some beef stew.... with some carrots, onions, green beans and potatoes.  Guess that isn't the worst thing to crave. Right? I eat beef a few times a month.  If that!

 I have learned a few things.  I like eggs without toast. Pouched eggs are good too.  I found a recipe for bolognese sauce. So I just skimmed it and thought wow vegetables in spaghetti sauce.  So I add some carrots and celery to my spaghetti sauce recipe and you can't even tell they are in there.  LOL PS I always have added onions to my sauce.  Oh and no meat.  One of those things I don't like meat with cause it was easier to cook one big pot of spaghetti sauce then two with the vegetarian daughters around.

Downside is I can't make a great pot of veggie soup!!!  I have tried tons of recipes and they tasted bad. I don't know what I am doing wrong...  I don't want to get a can and open it.  I want to make it.  Oh I can make some good soup with the beef stock but not a pure vegetable soup.  Maybe I will try a chicken stock veggie soup.  But I really want to make soup the girls can eat..... grrrrr

So I am happy to report no smoking and eating healthier.  Plus sleep very well thank-you.  Really got worried for awhile about that one.  Not bloated to the point of pain at night.  Guess I found my style of eating.


Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Me??

Sorry kinda blurry but you get the idea.... 
I made a dress-form just like the video I saw on Threadbanger.  It was quite funny when my daughter who helped me put on her facebook:....  not what I thought I be doing today: Putting my Mom in a trash bag and using gorilla tape! Oh yea many family friends wanted to know if she got all Dexter on me.... LOL

I wore a tank top and placed a trash bag on for the base.  I did find a site that had the way to make one bookmarked but lost it.  Heck I thought I know the basic steps.  I remember reading that they used 3 rolls of duck tape to make 2.  I told the daughter I make her one but she decided that she really didn't want to get "taped Up".    I still have a 2 rolls and half of the gorilla tape.  That's why it is black not the gray color of duck tape.  LOL I also got my daughter a roll of the fancy duck tape with blue flowers to bribe her to help... and I really didn't need to I just had to ask.  I love that kid... LOL

I didn't have a ton of fabric to stuff it with.  I did add some newspaper... I didn't like the newspaper it was too lumpy not solid enough for a dress form.  I used some foam filler and it was like DANG! it's only 1/4 filled??? SO I then got fiberfill and stuffed it.  I was lucky that it was on sale.....  It took the whole bag...  Really?? Oh my goodness....

Sad thing is after it was done I asked really??  I LOOK like that??  LOL I know I don't have a huge chest but this made it look tiny, and where did my waist go...  Oh well I guess it is the way it was stuffed and it still has my basic measurements so I can use it .   I have used it already....     I really have too many t-shirt I didn't wear because of the neck and arms  being to tight.  Now they are cool looking....


Monday, May 14, 2012

Goo Removal

I so love pinterest!  I even have a board I named Green Household Tips .  I found a pin that had gunk remover.

Non-toxic replacement for Goo Gone! The recipe for the remover is equal parts coconut oil and baking soda.  I keep my coconut oil in my refrigerator and it will be more solid that way.  I did warm the oil in the microwave before adding my baking soda.  I was not sure if this goo would work to remove goo.

AS you can see I did use it on my honey jar and the label came off very well!! I have used peanut butter to remove labels but the clean up was a pain. AS anyone that has cleaned out a peanut butter jar.  PLUS I would have to let it sit for a while to get most of the label off.  And many labels where  stubborn and would still use goo be gone on the last sticky stuff that won't come off!!

I also did a couple of plastic bottles that where left in the house. A sport drink bottle and a lemon aide bottle that the kids left here.  I removed the sticking stuff off the plastic and didn't scratch  the plastic up....   I am going to put some water in the empty bottle and freeze them.  They are hopefully going camping with me this summer.  I will use them to keep my food cold.  If they melt they are drinking water!!

But the glass jars will be used to hold my sauces or dressings.


Friday, April 27, 2012

My straw ....

Sorry I didn't post this blog post earlier but I thought I show you my glass straw I was telling you about.... From Glass Dharma .  But I got it in the mail last week...

I have had a couple heart attacks where I thought Goodness.... I better be careful I might break this thing.  But I didn't.  It been very fun to drink my drinks from a glass straw.  FUN! Really silly but it fun.


Friday, April 20, 2012

TP rolls

I might not use a lot of paper towels but I do use toilet paper. So when the Southern Institute posted it's toilet paper roll Challenge  I thought why not have some fun and do this.  I did start by cutting my rolls up into strips.

 Funny thing it was like I knew this was going to be happening cause I found like 3 rolls in the bathroom on the shelf near the TP holder... LOL.  That and my paper towels which I use very rarely ran out that day.....

   I tried a couple different ways and I didn't like it at all.  I was trying so hard to make the curls turn into hearts... and keep it all the same size... wasn't happening at all!!

So I just started to put the cut circles together and I thought wow a flower... and I ran with it..

I like the curls... I had to keep them... SO I added them to the points and after hot gluing them together I painted the whole thing black.

Cause I like wrought iron.  I have enough of it in my living room.  Make that a lot of it... there is always room for more!!

My wrought iron look a like wall hanging:


Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Pink Slime is gone!

And to think that the industry called it soylent pink....Soylent Green is a 1973 American science fiction film that the world was over populated and they feed the millions of people Soylent green. SO if you haven't seen the movie, it ends up that at the end they learn that soylent green is made with people.  So to have insiders giving a meat by product a nickname like Soylent pink... tells you a lot doesn't it???


Shirt restyle

I have been busy lately sewing.  I have taken some of my shirts that fit funny or was too tight or big and made some new t-shirts.  I have some ripped or really stained bad and cut them up for extra material.  I also found a extra large t-shirt at Good will that was the color of the day so I paid one dollar for it!  I used that as my t-shirt yarn.

  What is t-shirt yarn you ask? Ok someone might have asked... T-shirt yarn is the material I used to lace up my shirts I have pictured here.  I cut about a 1/2 inch thick piece of the t-shirt.  If you keep going you can cut one long piece.  Kinda like a spiral around the t-shirt.  I hope that makes sense.  But it very easy to do and you can make as thick as you want.  Just be careful cause if you cut it too thin it will break.  Plus it will curl over and look like rope very easily.  You just stretch  it out.

    I have had many  t-shirts  that are/were a little too tight in the neck and arms. I work at a wholesale warehouse so I have some arm muscles. I like my arm muscles.  I also like the looks this petite old lady gets when she just whips that heavy items up.  hehehe I am stronger then I look!!  So I do this like these pictures to help them fit better.

  My daughters got me a t-shirt from the first line of clothing from Twilight.  It says BAD VAMP.  Cause I would tease them that the bad vampires where hotter... LOL SO they got me that shirt.  It was marked down to $2 at the mall! AS you can guess a t-shirt made for teen girls is way to small in the shoulders after a few washings.  So I cut the top of the tee and sewed in a couple panels of material. There where about 5 inches wide, have to remember the seam allowance.... and I took my very think pieces of my t-shirt yarn I made from the top of the t-shirt and criss-crossed it.  It turned out great just can't take a picture of it cause I did it in the same black color of the t-shirt.  The picture didn't really show it true coolness..

  One of my favorite shirts is just where I had a shirt that had a messed up front and the collar  was falling apart. I cut the long sleeves off of it and about 5 inches off the bottom.  Then I sewed them on a shirt that the sleeves where cut off because they were ripped. Then I sewed the extra material to the bottom because the shirt was shrinking the wrong way for work.  That way the two colors look like they belong together

PLUS working with colored icing stain my clothes so I just wear things that I don't wear out to work.  It's almost like when I was little... I have work clothes (play clothes) and do something nice clothes (school clothes) Do moms still do that? LOL I did guess most do cause dirt and grass stains...

Well then again I found many ideas on  Pinterest   Another thing that keeps me very busy... LOL
And Craftster 


Friday, April 13, 2012

Smashing Great idea

So when I was younger we had these books that we would cut and glue pictures and stuff into. We called them scrapbooks. We glue in our pictures, notes, report cards, newspaper clippings and so much more. We write in bold letters, silly sayings and sometimes not so nice words... Drawing silly things or adding pictures from magazines and stickers....  NOW the papers and they ideas that has taken off is so amazing!  It very interesting to see the different  ways people do this creative way of remembering things...... The charms that you can add to the pages.  Plus things like  scissors for beautiful edges and hole punches....

I like this video because it kinda has a catchy little tune and nicely moving little dittoes to keep you watching.

BUT it is a commercial for the product a smash book but you can make one from a old notebook.  Strangely I have a few around the house.  And I have made this type of smash book from don't hate me but a old book.... The old book didn't work to well seeing the binder couldn't take all the pressure.


Hey have fun with it!


Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love it Free Glass Straws

It was one of those nights, reading the stupid stuff on Facebook, scrolling down kinda in a burr of half reading it half not. I then see a magazine I liked... that had a post on Glass Dharma giving away free straws!

Be one of the first 1000 people in April to write an essay Titled : “I love my glass straws”.  

Here is my essay:
I love Glass Straws Because

   I love glass straws! It's a very creative idea to help reduce and reuse. How can you beat that? You have 2 out of the eco-friendly three Rs. And knowing the fact you can't recycle the plastic straw then it is a win win product. Walking the walk talking the talk of being green. NO more of these plastic straws and those static charged paper liners. Plus supporting a green company.

 Who could not love glass straws! It is a reward to our littlest environmentalists that do the right thing but keeps fun in reusing. Plus the fun factor is also important to keep the young mind interested in keeping up recycling, reducing and reusing! A perfect gift for your eco-friendly person on your gift list. Hint hint, to all my family reading this.... However my daughter shouldn't be reading this... I know she likes the color straws.... Even as a grown women I know she would love these. I know her mom does!!!

So head over to Glass Dharma and get your free glass straw!!


Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Winner of the Hidden Recycler

i like that bag is made from 65% post-consumer resin

The winner!! 

Gala has 48 hours to answer my email!! 


Saturday, March 17, 2012

Hide and seek Give away!!

I got a Hidden Recycler from Rubbermaid to review and to host a give a way!!

It was very easy to put together.  Plus I love the fact there was a piece of paper that showed you the size and how to attach to the cabinet.  OK I found this paper after I found out that it didn't fit!!  
The dimensions are 12.7” W x 9.9” D x 17” H. It was a little to big for my cabinets but it did fit on the outside of the one door... It was perfect... the door that has the trash on the inside.. recycles on the outside... think it will remind them to recycle??? LOL I hope...

 This is a win win product as a crunchy mom. The hidden recycler is made of recycled materials ( 65% post-consumer resin) and can be recycled after use...   It will hold around 36 cans and 8 pounds of materials! Big enough for gallon cider jugs.   It has a lid, so you don't have to look at the recycling mess in the can.

You can machine wash the bag on the cold gentle cycle  if it gets too gross to wipe down with a damp cloth.  But do not throw in the dryer, line dry.

You can remove the cloth bag part and empty the bag into your recycling can or center.  It has a carry handle that makes that so easy.  I live in a city that has curb side collection for recycling so I have a city property rolling container. On habit I line the bag with a blue bag but you don't have to. The bag is also lined to help be leak proof .

PLUS for the renters you don't have to drill anything to attach the bag to your door.  You just place them as the directions show and hook them over the door.  No holes.  Just metal hooks.

So You can win one also!!

The suggested retail price of the  Hidden Recycler is $15.99.  But you know how it is some store may change the price because they can set the price.

I am sorry but this give away is only open for USA and Canada.

So to win just leave a comment on what you like best about the  Hidden Recycler. Extra points if you are a follower. (leave a second comment to remind me) Oh yea also leave in your comment how I can let you know if you won!! Do the email _at_ your email provider to keep the bots away.

You have until April 2nd  to enter!

 I will select a winner by a random number generator. 

Good luck! 

I was not paid for this post just received a free hidden recycler for review.  This is  my opinion.  Facts are given from Rubbermaid (size and materials) Have to add the  Legal jargin you know.... 


Saturday, February 25, 2012

Shyite people say to crunchy Moms

Have you seen those videos that are entitled Sh*t that certain people say?? I saw one that was the sh*t crunchy moms say. I do remember I did a post on the crazy stuff I say to the family.... but then I am just in one of those moods that I want to write the crazy stuff that people say to me when they learn I am eco-friendly.

 Isn't that nice?
 It was 20 degrees below zero last night. Where is you global warming now??
 You know that won't do any good...
 We have more then enough gas and oil so why are you worried?
 I don't care I don't have kids.
It's too much work for what?
 A little bit isn't going to make a difference. 
It's too expensive, eco-friendly products cost way too much.
 You some kinda hippy dippy aren't you?


Sunday, February 12, 2012

Removing the clutter

They remind you that New Year's Ee was the time to donate things so you can get a tax write off. But I think it is the snow we are getting right now I am in a clear the clutter out of the house. You know those things that are on the top shelf of your cupboard. First of course I asked the girls if they want anything.  As you can see that one bag that was Miss Animal Rights is filled with clothes.  She loved her present of luggage; leaving her old bag that I don't need as the perfect "box" to fill with my unwanted clothes.

My kitchen seems to look bigger for many things have been removed from the counters.  Only it didn't help I got rid of the toaster oven because someone melted plastic on the top of it and now it smells of burning plastic when it is in use.  I don't think that is a healthy thing so it in the trash can.

My junk door is also a target.  I reorganized the drawer with some of the little basket type things I found.  I thought they are so small wonder if they will fit in the junk drawer! So now my little things like little do-dads that I not sure if they are important are together. Tools that are everyday use are close to the opening.  Tape and scissors are in another little container.  Oh and the 15 cell phones are in a bag for the recycle box for whatever store I get to first...



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