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Monday, June 11, 2012

Reduced Gluten Diet

So I am trying to eat healthier. I really thought that I was using my mindset to help me with both eating right and quitting smoking.... but I saw online somewhere (you know I can't find the article I read to give a link here) that they find if you eat more fruits and vegetables quitting is easier! Wow I thought I was just telling myself that to keep me on track..

 I had a problem after quitting that was so uncomfortable. I was bloated like there was NO tomorrow, in the morning it was better. Well most of the time. I have a few co-workers and a friend that has celiac disease. She teased me that she was reading in a magazine that more "old folks like us" are being diagnosed with celiac disease. That maybe I should try going gluten free. Of course one friend who was trying a carb restrictive diet suggested I go carb free. Then seeing a bunch of reports online and TV saying do we really need to eat gluten?  I thought maybe the universe is trying to tell me something!    Well the fact I am a poor single woman with pasta and other carbs that are gluten rich in my cupboard; I decided to cut the amount. I was getting a piece of toast for breakfast, a sandwich for lunch and dinner... maybe carb overload for my new improved metabolism. Not sure if it is true but I read somewhere in the materials I got from the quit smoking hot line that my metabolism was going to slow down due to the fact nicotine speeds it up. Ok I guess I have to deal.  But thought I was only gaining a little weigh not going to be painfully bloated.   I was going threw some painful bloating so I had to do something. I have to admit I did smoke a cigarette to "cure it". I felt horrible and said I have to figure this out. Cause I don't want to go back and have to wear the patches again.  Did I tell you that I got rashes really bad from them.  AND didn't sleep for over  3 months going thru withdraw....

So I have cut my wheat and gluten intake to my evening meal.  I eat oats or eggs for breakfast no more just a quick piece of buttered toast. I eat veggies and salads for lunch. Plus fruits and they make great snacks too.  And then I eat my dinner.  I have cut down the amount of pasta and up the amount of veggies.   Just like they say to do with beef products... Which I am craving some beef stew.... with some carrots, onions, green beans and potatoes.  Guess that isn't the worst thing to crave. Right? I eat beef a few times a month.  If that!

 I have learned a few things.  I like eggs without toast. Pouched eggs are good too.  I found a recipe for bolognese sauce. So I just skimmed it and thought wow vegetables in spaghetti sauce.  So I add some carrots and celery to my spaghetti sauce recipe and you can't even tell they are in there.  LOL PS I always have added onions to my sauce.  Oh and no meat.  One of those things I don't like meat with cause it was easier to cook one big pot of spaghetti sauce then two with the vegetarian daughters around.

Downside is I can't make a great pot of veggie soup!!!  I have tried tons of recipes and they tasted bad. I don't know what I am doing wrong...  I don't want to get a can and open it.  I want to make it.  Oh I can make some good soup with the beef stock but not a pure vegetable soup.  Maybe I will try a chicken stock veggie soup.  But I really want to make soup the girls can eat..... grrrrr

So I am happy to report no smoking and eating healthier.  Plus sleep very well thank-you.  Really got worried for awhile about that one.  Not bloated to the point of pain at night.  Guess I found my style of eating.


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