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Saturday, June 23, 2012

The 8 R's

Reuse. Reuse that jar for storage. That bottle for your homemade salad dressing. If you need help try Planet Green's Guide  How to Reuse Everything 

Repurpose. Rebuilding things with scrap wood. Pallet crafts.  Crafts.  Sewing tee into a blanket.

Repair.  Before you buy a new one see if the old one can be repaired.  This is happening more with cars reports say.  That we are holding on to our cars for 2 more years then before.  But I have a feeling it is the economy that plays a big part of that.....

Return. Just google cell phone return and you will find tons of sites.  Plus some will take  other electronics. Target and Walmart have drop boxes for that in their stores.  Easy to do!! Same with printer cartridges; if you can't refill that is.

Refill. Printer cartridges, water bottles, and more..

Rot.  Compost that leftover food (fruits and veggies) no meat products, eggs or cheese.

Refuse. Don't buy the over-packaged disposable single-use junk!  Don't buy the over priced stuff that is not eco-friendly.

Recycle.  This is that last step if you can't do any of the other 6....


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