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Thursday, June 7, 2012

Mini Me??

Sorry kinda blurry but you get the idea.... 
I made a dress-form just like the video I saw on Threadbanger.  It was quite funny when my daughter who helped me put on her facebook:....  not what I thought I be doing today: Putting my Mom in a trash bag and using gorilla tape! Oh yea many family friends wanted to know if she got all Dexter on me.... LOL

I wore a tank top and placed a trash bag on for the base.  I did find a site that had the way to make one bookmarked but lost it.  Heck I thought I know the basic steps.  I remember reading that they used 3 rolls of duck tape to make 2.  I told the daughter I make her one but she decided that she really didn't want to get "taped Up".    I still have a 2 rolls and half of the gorilla tape.  That's why it is black not the gray color of duck tape.  LOL I also got my daughter a roll of the fancy duck tape with blue flowers to bribe her to help... and I really didn't need to I just had to ask.  I love that kid... LOL

I didn't have a ton of fabric to stuff it with.  I did add some newspaper... I didn't like the newspaper it was too lumpy not solid enough for a dress form.  I used some foam filler and it was like DANG! it's only 1/4 filled??? SO I then got fiberfill and stuffed it.  I was lucky that it was on sale.....  It took the whole bag...  Really?? Oh my goodness....

Sad thing is after it was done I asked really??  I LOOK like that??  LOL I know I don't have a huge chest but this made it look tiny, and where did my waist go...  Oh well I guess it is the way it was stuffed and it still has my basic measurements so I can use it .   I have used it already....     I really have too many t-shirt I didn't wear because of the neck and arms  being to tight.  Now they are cool looking....


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