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Monday, June 25, 2012

Pet Accidents Spray

Oh yea Pin it!! First Home Love Life post about Pet Oder Be Gone..With animals it's a good thing to pin. Wait after reading the comments I see that many have found that if you add something it to it can make it even better....

So even better write a blog post about it!!! So I don't have scroll threw the comments.  And I can share with my readers.....

2 parts water 
1 part mouth wash
squirt of Dawn
 splash of vinegar
splash of hydrogen peroxide

The mouthwash is said to help lift the fats out. Dawn helps remove them.  I am hoping that eco-friendly dish-soap will work too... Vinegar cuts the ammonia. Miss Animal rights hate the smell of vinegar hopefully lemon will work too.   Hydrogen peroxide cuts the proteins.

Some are saying to use Scope some say use original Listerine. Mint washes are said the menthol or other mint extracts help remove the orders. Listerine has thymol and eucalyptol make it similar to the "thieves oil".

But I say use what you have on hand to try it....


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