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Thursday, July 5, 2012

Happy 4th

I have had a little fun with pinerest and thought I try some of the ideas I saw on one shirt... LOL  I did have a fail with the blue shirt I tried to spray paint white stars on. Doesn't work too well. The beach pen just made pink stars. Which was very upsetting.  I made a blue t-shirt with the beach pen and left it over night and it bleached it white... BUT that was a different shirt..... Oh well.  This one didn't want to bleach white!!!! 

I started with a white t-shirt.

 I printed star on sticker paper.  I just googled star stencil and found a site with the t-shirt idea!!! LOL so she had one that had 6 stars on it.  I thought too cool I could do 6 stars on front and 7 on the back.  I used fabric paint for the blue... I didn't have blue spray paint... so I thought I try the blue paint die and found fabric paint.  Yea... but then I didn't get to try the regular paint used as a dye... giggles I guess I can try that some other time...

The strips are old t-shirt material.  And the bottom of the t-shirt
I cut to have only the top blue.

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