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Thursday, July 12, 2012


After reading an article on Care2 8 Healthy Swaps You haven't heard of  I tried the tip of using some shaved zucchini instead of pasta.  And to use spinach as pasta...Ok so my MO was to sneak it in the finished product and that way my family gets to try it but keep a little bit of it familiar.  I did this years ago when I was married.  When the reports kept saying we should stop drinking whole milk and drink 2%.  I slowly added 2% to whole milk so that family would get used to the taste. (oh yea I am that old...LOL) When Miss Animal Rights decided to become vegetarian I would sneak some TVP into our meat dishes to make them healthier...

Plus who am I kidding I think I have to train my taste buds too.  Cause you know you expect it to taste the way you think it will taste... LIKE pasta...  

I used to sneak spinach into stews and things.  Now that they are grown they do it too... but when they asked what is that green stuff I would say; umm I think it is parsley, oregano... maybe basil or something like that.  I used frozen spinach and put just a little in.  It looked like spices... ;) 

I have been  trying to eat less processed foods and I feel great less bloated.  I think I will keep this up!! 

So tonight I tried some sauce that I put in some shaved zucchini and some frozen spinach.  The zucchini seemed like tasteless... I thought it was onion most of the time so I guess I won't replace the pasta with either I will still do that: add some to the sauce and eat less pasta...  Boasting the veggie power to my pasta sauce.


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  1. A very creative way to camouflage vege, I should try this too. Thanks for sharing and happy cooking to you



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