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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

A Fathers day gift

I know it is a little late but I made my dad some coasters.

I found the idea from pinterest. But I wasn't too sure about the foam board they said to glue the washer onto. I thought oh I can use cork board... SO I have to say when I saw theses coasters for 99 cents at Walmart I thought that would look nice.  Easier but hey I though it look neater.   I went ahead and glued the cork to the plastic coasters anyway.  They where glue like a small amount in the middle.  I got some washers and had some left over  (I got the smaller ones) .  SO I glued them to the cork.  Of course I did placed them inside one before gluing so I could see my pattern before gluing.

 I did make lasagna for him like I do almost every year for his birthday and father's day.  He gets the left overs to eat when he wants.  Lasagna does freeze well but he tells me that many times he doesn't get to freeze it because he eats it all!!




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