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Monday, May 14, 2012

Goo Removal

I so love pinterest!  I even have a board I named Green Household Tips .  I found a pin that had gunk remover.

Non-toxic replacement for Goo Gone! The recipe for the remover is equal parts coconut oil and baking soda.  I keep my coconut oil in my refrigerator and it will be more solid that way.  I did warm the oil in the microwave before adding my baking soda.  I was not sure if this goo would work to remove goo.

AS you can see I did use it on my honey jar and the label came off very well!! I have used peanut butter to remove labels but the clean up was a pain. AS anyone that has cleaned out a peanut butter jar.  PLUS I would have to let it sit for a while to get most of the label off.  And many labels where  stubborn and would still use goo be gone on the last sticky stuff that won't come off!!

I also did a couple of plastic bottles that where left in the house. A sport drink bottle and a lemon aide bottle that the kids left here.  I removed the sticking stuff off the plastic and didn't scratch  the plastic up....   I am going to put some water in the empty bottle and freeze them.  They are hopefully going camping with me this summer.  I will use them to keep my food cold.  If they melt they are drinking water!!

But the glass jars will be used to hold my sauces or dressings.


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  1. Interesting. I normally soak it in water for a day before removing those label and there are some stubborn labels that can't be remove. I should try this.



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