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Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Shirt restyle

I have been busy lately sewing.  I have taken some of my shirts that fit funny or was too tight or big and made some new t-shirts.  I have some ripped or really stained bad and cut them up for extra material.  I also found a extra large t-shirt at Good will that was the color of the day so I paid one dollar for it!  I used that as my t-shirt yarn.

  What is t-shirt yarn you ask? Ok someone might have asked... T-shirt yarn is the material I used to lace up my shirts I have pictured here.  I cut about a 1/2 inch thick piece of the t-shirt.  If you keep going you can cut one long piece.  Kinda like a spiral around the t-shirt.  I hope that makes sense.  But it very easy to do and you can make as thick as you want.  Just be careful cause if you cut it too thin it will break.  Plus it will curl over and look like rope very easily.  You just stretch  it out.

    I have had many  t-shirts  that are/were a little too tight in the neck and arms. I work at a wholesale warehouse so I have some arm muscles. I like my arm muscles.  I also like the looks this petite old lady gets when she just whips that heavy items up.  hehehe I am stronger then I look!!  So I do this like these pictures to help them fit better.

  My daughters got me a t-shirt from the first line of clothing from Twilight.  It says BAD VAMP.  Cause I would tease them that the bad vampires where hotter... LOL SO they got me that shirt.  It was marked down to $2 at the mall! AS you can guess a t-shirt made for teen girls is way to small in the shoulders after a few washings.  So I cut the top of the tee and sewed in a couple panels of material. There where about 5 inches wide, have to remember the seam allowance.... and I took my very think pieces of my t-shirt yarn I made from the top of the t-shirt and criss-crossed it.  It turned out great just can't take a picture of it cause I did it in the same black color of the t-shirt.  The picture didn't really show it true coolness..

  One of my favorite shirts is just where I had a shirt that had a messed up front and the collar  was falling apart. I cut the long sleeves off of it and about 5 inches off the bottom.  Then I sewed them on a shirt that the sleeves where cut off because they were ripped. Then I sewed the extra material to the bottom because the shirt was shrinking the wrong way for work.  That way the two colors look like they belong together

PLUS working with colored icing stain my clothes so I just wear things that I don't wear out to work.  It's almost like when I was little... I have work clothes (play clothes) and do something nice clothes (school clothes) Do moms still do that? LOL I did guess most do cause dirt and grass stains...

Well then again I found many ideas on  Pinterest   Another thing that keeps me very busy... LOL
And Craftster 


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  1. Love this!!!!! Wish I were this creative -- I'm inspired though!!!!!!



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