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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Love it Free Glass Straws

It was one of those nights, reading the stupid stuff on Facebook, scrolling down kinda in a burr of half reading it half not. I then see a magazine I liked... that had a post on Glass Dharma giving away free straws!

Be one of the first 1000 people in April to write an essay Titled : “I love my glass straws”.  

Here is my essay:
I love Glass Straws Because

   I love glass straws! It's a very creative idea to help reduce and reuse. How can you beat that? You have 2 out of the eco-friendly three Rs. And knowing the fact you can't recycle the plastic straw then it is a win win product. Walking the walk talking the talk of being green. NO more of these plastic straws and those static charged paper liners. Plus supporting a green company.

 Who could not love glass straws! It is a reward to our littlest environmentalists that do the right thing but keeps fun in reusing. Plus the fun factor is also important to keep the young mind interested in keeping up recycling, reducing and reusing! A perfect gift for your eco-friendly person on your gift list. Hint hint, to all my family reading this.... However my daughter shouldn't be reading this... I know she likes the color straws.... Even as a grown women I know she would love these. I know her mom does!!!

So head over to Glass Dharma and get your free glass straw!!


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