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Friday, April 13, 2012

Smashing Great idea

So when I was younger we had these books that we would cut and glue pictures and stuff into. We called them scrapbooks. We glue in our pictures, notes, report cards, newspaper clippings and so much more. We write in bold letters, silly sayings and sometimes not so nice words... Drawing silly things or adding pictures from magazines and stickers....  NOW the papers and they ideas that has taken off is so amazing!  It very interesting to see the different  ways people do this creative way of remembering things...... The charms that you can add to the pages.  Plus things like  scissors for beautiful edges and hole punches....

I like this video because it kinda has a catchy little tune and nicely moving little dittoes to keep you watching.

BUT it is a commercial for the product a smash book but you can make one from a old notebook.  Strangely I have a few around the house.  And I have made this type of smash book from don't hate me but a old book.... The old book didn't work to well seeing the binder couldn't take all the pressure.


Hey have fun with it!


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