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Saturday, July 11, 2009

Stan Hywets Farmers Market

My daughter and I went to the Stan Hywets Famers Market yesterday. They take debit cards; but there is a $1.50 surcharge. They give you tokens to use like cash. Plus they take the direction card also...... they are having a Special Promotion in August where if you use your directions card to get tokens you will get a extra $3.

It might have been a smaller market but there was some great finds. There was plenty of raspberries they were yummy. Organic meat, coffee, cheeses, honey (yea I needed some), baked goods, and ribs that smelled wonderful. We had to get baklava first thing when we walked in. Tried the cheese and coffee. And met and talked with the woman at the agriculture booth about plants and our crazy pepper that is turning purple......... She was also handing out free seeds. We got Moonflowers and of course some cat nip seeds. We also talked to a woman that sells dog treats. We had to get the dog one of her cupcakes.... (all organic beef) the dog thought the "frosting" was the best part! There are just like kids!

I did good on my budget. I almost lost it at the grass feed beef booth.... but I got the honey, some cheese, the baklava, a dog treat cupcake and some bread.

I think I will be going back next week (ok maybe the week after that being that will be payday..)


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