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Friday, August 20, 2010

My carpet is gone....

Well years of stains from spills from crazy teens (after they were pre-teens)  and animal accidents having been driving me crazy about my carpet in the living room..... Part of my birthday present Miss Animal Rights and Tech was to rip up the carpet. See they did Miss Animal rights bedroom... and found realy nice hardwood floor... BUT I told them that seeing how I saw the floor when we drilled the hole for the cable for the TV.

      Carpet is most of the time made of nylon, acrylic, polypropylene, or polyester, and is frequently backed with synthetic SB latex, polyurethane, or polyvinyl chloride (PVC). The backing or padding is made with SB latex containing  the toxin styrene—considered to to be a  carcinogen. Plus the VOC-containing adhesives that they help tack the carpet down to the floor with.... it's not the healthiest thing to replace.  Plus the carpet holds the dust, dirt and pet dander.  (plus more then just their hair.... You know they keep using the accidents spots cause they can smell it..)... The cleaners that are toxic we use to try to remove the stains  can be overpowering. They leave a residue and some can effect your pets and children.   Plus the stains come right back. All that and they don't disappear?

Oh yea I got one of those $1,000 machines that where suppose to clean the carpet  better than any other machine... They shampooed  my carpet and said if I just keep using their machine the stains will be cleaned.  Because they said regular machine just grind the dirt in. WELL it didn't work and I am glad I didn't pay the extra for the carpet shampooing  tray.... Most carpet holds the dirt and grime cause it is in the padding.

So the green person in me had to find out where I can recycle this.  I found a site that can help you find a center... Carpet America Recovery Effort  is a site to check. The first place to start if you are buying new carpet is the dealer they may recycle your old carpet.

I now have large rugs I use to cover my floors.  You can just throw the rugs in the washing machine and better cleaning.... Sometimes you don't need to wash you can just hang on the line outside and beat the dirt out... I loved doing that when I was younger....

It feels cooler in here but it could just be me cause I don't look down at the stains and the cream colored carpet that has so many discolored spots that make me crazy...... LOL

Now it just the rugs that get balled up from the crazy animals running threw the house........... the four legged too.....



  1. No authoritative or regulatory body anywhere in the world classifies styrene to be a known cause of human cancer. Moreover, a study conducted by a "blue ribbon" panel of epidemiologists and published in the peer-reviewed Journal of Occupational and Environmental Medicine (November 2009) reports: "The evidence of human carcinogenicity of styrene is inconsistent and weak. On the basis of the available evidence, one cannot conclude that there is a causal relationship between styrene and any type of human cancer."

    Priscilla Briones for the Styrene Information and Research Center (SIRC), Arlington, Virginia. SIRC (www.styrene.org) is a trade association representing interests of the North American styrene industry with its mission being the collection, development, analysis and communication of pertinent information on styrene.

  2. Hardwood floors are absolutely beautiful! I would feel better if we didn't have carpet either because it just pollutes the air. I'm completely with you on that. Plus, who wants to keep cleaning the carpet all of the time like you said. Hardwood floors save you the trouble.



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