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Sunday, November 20, 2011

Gift Jars

I have started my gift making for my hours have been cut again (not sure if I can have a holiday at this rate) but I will try to find a way to come in early or pick up hours somewhere! So this means I have limited amount I can spend on the holidays. Yuck....

So I am going to make gift jars for some of the people on my list.

I have made some spice blends as the picture to the right shows.  That is Chili Seasoning.  I have a co-worker that keep saying "you have teach me to cook."  I teased her I was going to make her some Fajita Seasoning and she is excited to try it.  I guess I might have to make more! But I think it looks so cool when it is layered like that.  So sad you need to mix it together to use...

 I have in the past made drink mixes like Spiced Chai Mix, Friendship Tea Mix and some coffee mixes as gifts.  I have a friend that loves the  Spiced Chai Mix! When I came over and saw I had a friend that well didn't show up and it stayed with her... LOL... and her boyfriend got one too and he doesn't like tea!!!  So I have to make sure she gets the biggest jar of it this year.  She is the biggest fan of Chai.  I need to find different favors chai for her... any one got any good recipes for favored chai?

Not sure how I feel about the cookies in a jar gift but I keep seeing them at the stores.  I think that maybe home made is better for less chemicals in them.   But it doesn't last on the shelf as long as the store brought ones would.  That's ok as long  they know the gift is not going to last a year in their cupboard.. or will it? Shrugs I am not sure I guess the flour and sugar mix will last as long as they do un-mixed.

What home made gifts are you planing on making this year?


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