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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Green Tuesdays

Green America is starting a grass roots campaign that is asking after the Black Friday, Small Business Saturday and Cyber Monday madness to shop for the environment and local business.  Calling All Tuesdays in December Green Tuesday.

 It's been said that the trend  for this years shopping is the local business shopping.  Etsy  is blogging that Cyber Monday was the biggest selling day they have had!  My local news is reporting that the area "craft shows" and pop up local artist shops are having great sales increases this year.  The local shops are doing great!

My co-worker and friend has sold out many of her shows that even surprised her.   As it is needed.  She depends on the money she makes at the shows for her holiday shopping.  But she teased me that it is more work, she has one big mess in her living room cause she had to make more stuff for the next day...

It's great to hear how people are getting it and buying from their local stores and small business or artist.  It's also kinda heart warming to hear the sales of t-shirts with our city are up too. Could it be the money is tight could it be that  they rather buy something from someone close to them.  OWS? That people are sick and tired of sending their money in a big box store that CEO make so much more that the average person?

Whatever the reason it is good to see that local businesses getting what they deserve!


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