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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Tis the season......

Getting green presents can be a challenge sometimes. I do have a friend who was telling me how she will be getting me a small coffee cup with a lid to have our coffee at work.  I started to look and nothing is under 16 ounces.  Not something we can drink in a 15 minute break.... so I found this:

Cute Stainless Steel coffee mug

I signed up for the  affiliate program but Blogger is NOT letting the code work... meh....

Don't worry she will not see this she doesn't do the whole internet thing (her words...) So if this isn't good for her I guess she could use this for camping...

Wait the last time she went camping or me for that matter we came back saying "OMG we are TOO old for that shit..."  Next time it will be in a windsteam or something else that is on wheels!!

Picnics that what we could use them for.  But hey I like the looks of these and of course I had to get me one.  Is that a bad thing to get something for yourself during the holidays? I thought hey we will match... symbol of friendship.......... 


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