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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Night of Oreos and chocolate followed by retail therapy

Oh poor Miss Animal Rights; her car died.  It just stopped working.  PLUS there was a dark red liquid under the car.  So she called me. I was at work. I got off work and find the little box on my cell saying 6 missed calls... 1 voice-mail.... ok that set off the mom alarm, you know something is up if you have a ton of missed calls and most of the time I get texts of hey mom get more cheese on the way home.  SO having that many calls missed and voice-mail I just knew...  I call voice-mail and hear a hysterical message... asking to please get home....

After I get home I call AAA for a tow. We find some way to get this fixed or to get a new used car I tell her.  She calls G-Pa and of course he is out of town.... Maybe he can work on it.  We both know that her dad strong points have nothing to do with working on any car.  Because it was G-Pa he called, before divorcing me....

I was like OMG Spike (yea we name our cars...) couldn't have waited 3 months??? I would have my car paid off... SHHHH we are in the car...... Oh yea don't tell Ariel we almost have her paid off.  Cause she might get jealous with Spike getting all the attention......... 

Then the child young woman that only wanted to get home after it happened now wants to get to her car and get stuff out of it.  I try to talk her out of it saying it could be a hour and half before they get to our car. They will call when they are 10 minutes away... NOPE she hears nothing of it.  I talked her into Subway because I just got off work and was hungry. Then we go a sit by the car for about a hour longer.

So drinking  juice  and talking to her I really had to go to the bathroom... We ran to the gas station and buy some Oreos  and chocolate.  Sometimes you need some chocolate.......... sign.
Guess what!  they finally called, and sure enough it has been a hour and half!

We dropped  off the key Monday and they would call us when they figure it out.  We stopped by the thrift store and we went  looking.  I was laughing I am not a big person for retail therapy but hey why not I need short sleeved shirts for work.  Of course yesterday she had Tech's  mom drag her to the mall for retail therapy and she got a dress and shorts out of the deal. Today she got a skirt out of the deal.... I spent a total of 9 dollars for 3 shirts and 2 skirts.  Oh yea most  of the things where the color of the day....... Not bad for a day.  So they called today.....
It's blown. Transmission cost any where between 1,500 to 23,000. 

So where can I get a BOGO deal on cars?? You know... don't I wish.

Or any of the car companies looking for  long term test drivers for new hybrid cars? Electric cars heck I take anything!!! Oh life........ she looses a job then a car.......


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