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Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Spread the Word.

Spread the Word for Charity Where you can help raise funds for your favorite charity. It is so easy.

Become a fan on their  Facebook page and earn 5 dollars for your charity.

Ttweet about them on Twitter and earn 10 dollars for your charity.

Then blog about them and earn 20 dollars for your charity!

They are a site you can use too.  Search for all hotel deals, from all major travel websites Saving you money and helping out a good cause too.

I had to email them and ask pretty please if I could get my donation to local animal clinic in the area.  They don't get any government aid and really are a great organization.  Where most vets try to get you to buy this vitamin or try to get you to return for the same condition, Pet Guards Clinic has in my experience always did what was best for the animal. With the canines ear infection the other clinic had us return and so did the infection. Pet Guards Clinic gave us the ear wash to help keep the infection from coming back. And we can get flea meds without a appointment.  We can just pick them up at the office.

Of course most of the time they donate to charity that are nationality based but I got them to make an exception for this charity.....

If you like you can donate to this worthwhile organization at this page


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