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Friday, August 19, 2011

Scratch scratch


Third year in a row! After working on my flower garden in front of my house I get this rash that is painful. It feels like a tiny little prickers in my bumps.. Then it burns when I inch it.... Last year I got it so bad I went to the doctor got some stuff that kicked my butt, so bad he wrote me off for 2 days.... Well it doesn't help I am allergic to everything also. He was a afraid of a strong reaction to the prescription so he gave me a couple days off to get use to the drowsy affects. I had a rash on both arms and legs.  So much for weeding the flower bed in shorts and a tank top......

This year I wore a long sleeve shirt when I worked on the flower garden.  I was out in the earlier morning..... it was a cool day that the wind was blowing so I could work on the weeds........

The weird thing is this rash doesn't show up until a couple days later.  So I freaked when I saw this rash on MY FACE!  Yes right where one would wipe their brow.... so to speak, is a small line cut looking rash bump... my yearly rash..... and a couple little bumps down the side of my face.......... I would find myself inching these bumps at work... great I am going to explode in a huge rash on my face.... but nope I got it on my arms again.  Third year in a row.....

So searching what to do for a rash: oh remember I am allergic to everything, well I will bleed if I use hydrocortisone cream, it dries my skin out too much and yea it is very painful.... looks like road rash!!!  I find out that yes it is something in my flower garden that is causing this, concerning I have allergies that are like hay-fever, I can't use anything with chamomile cause my eyes will puff up like I cried all night, and hurt more than if I did..... It may have been ragweed! That people who have allergies to the pollen can have allergies to the oils from the leaves.  Me I have extra sensitive skin so why not have extra sensitive skin to an allergen.


So some cures are a oatmeal bath.  Yea that ok but then I don't have the time for the bath water... that and my water bill would go up more than it should.... but I do use oatmeal soap to wash with....  Some people swear by half a cup of baking soda and cornstarch also but I do the oatmeal bath.  Baking soda can be rough on sensitive skin.  Oatmeal is the bath recommended for the chicken pox for kids.

Honey. Yea putting honey on the area helps it heal.   Ok so it very sticky. VERY sticky.... for both arms.  I have used it on my face many times, it makes your face so soft.... But you leave it on for 15-30 minute then wash off. I put some on right before I got in the shower.  But I did go to bed after....

Aloe vera, is another cooling treatment.  I have a bottle of after sun 100% aloe vera product that feels nice when I use it, it also has some benzocaine to cool the burning (pun intended, rashes can burn too!! LOL)

So next thing to try was milk. Yep milk on the rash reduces the redness and swelling.  Plus it is suppose to heal faster. 


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