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Sunday, August 28, 2011

Wouldn't you know it!!

I just got back from my staycation, where I didn't do much but hang out with family... I cleaned my house and of course got the bug to go to the second hand stores cause I found problem areas... LOL like this room would look so much better if I had a lamp on the other side of the room, yea that is what it needs.... But I ended up moving stuff around cause I couldn't find anything I liked... being very picky I guess... but it cured my need a fresher look to my house feeling....

I got to see my nephew who just earned a new nickname... Fuji Brother. Yep he was accepted in the Phi Gamma Delta fraternity! Oh no don't call him a frat boy he gets mad... But I guess they use the Fuji nickname because of the pig roast they put on every year that welcome graduate brothers back.  As to keep the spirit of brotherhood alive.  I teased him oh yea drinking and frats, but this fraternity is dry and There is no hazing allowed. So I and his momma can stop worrying... But I also got rid of the futon in the basement.  It will now serve as a place for a Fuji brothers friend to sleep when visiting or studying to late.... Yea I know what it really will become, a place to throw a Fuji brothers clothes.... LOL

But many people have invited me for things on the following week-end.... I thought I should have taken my vacation the next week-end!!  But so sorry I will probably have to work.  But then the schedule came out and I have Saturday off!! YEA....

BUT Wouldn't you know it!!  I come home Friday night and I feel alittle off with a stomach ache that kinda brothersome but not really bad... Till Saturday morning.... Oh yea no going camping, no going to Cleveland sorry, nothing.... I am running back and forth to the bathroom.  I feel like some punched me in the stomach.

I am drinking weak tea most of the day, eating toast... good thing I made some bread on vacation... watching reruns on line or TV..... oh well, I do have to work today..... feeling a little queasy.....

GRR wish people would remember I need 3 1/2 week notice for stuff , but most this time I wish my body would have given me a break..........


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