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Friday, November 5, 2010

Cleaning with hydrogen peroxide

You know you see the ads with claims of health from just one item....... well I saw a ad for hydrogen peroxide and had to research this myself. What wonderful things can hydrogen peroxide do that I don't know about.

I know you use to to remove blood from clothes... having a child that gets a bloody nose very easily I have a BIG bottle in the laundry area!! I was told that it breaks down the cells of blood, as to remove the blood...

To use it to spray on your bamboo cutting boards (ok any cutting boards)... to disinfect.
For sore throats use as a gargle.

But to cure things like cancers, common colds, arthritis and more.... Plus fertilize your garden and kill weeds... Sorry I don't buy it!!  and didn't find any where to back this claim... so sorry the closest thing is that colds can be contained by cleaning with hydrogen peroxide but not cured by putting some in your ear before the flu and cold season.  That you do to help remove water from your ear.  And if it works for you great but it is not been proven..

I learn that many of the oxygen  type laundry boosters are made with hydrogen peroxide! So you can use it in your laundry to help whiten but it can also help bleach your clothes....

Where if you do have some sore in your mouth like a canker sore it can be used to help heal that but not used as a preventive measure because it can wear down the teeth enamel. But haven't found anything about yea or nay with brushing with baking soda and peroxide...... Soaking toothbrush in peroxide may work but you don't have to soak for too long.  If it kills e-coli from surfaces why not some funky nasty bug from your brush???

But the most important thing I learn is that the reason that the peroxide is in a brown bottle is that light will destroy it's effectiveness.  SO yes cleaning your fruit and veggies, counter tops, cutting boards,  bath room surfaces and water damage mold is proven effective only when you have fresh hydrogen peroxide water mix:  using a 50/50 mix of hydrogen peroxide and filtered water. So keep that little spray bottle by your kitchen sink.  When you wash your fruits and vegetables, you can give a spray of the peroxide  before washing. Spray the cutting board after. Spray then wipe down the counter.  BUT don't plan on keeping any that you didn't use... it does help with water mold... pour that stuff down the drain....

You can clean your house just remember that it is also a bleach to watch colored fabrics....

Then after you clean the bathroom with your peroxide you can highlight your hair by spray your 50/50 hydrogen peroxide and water solution threw your hair........



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  2. Hmm, we use peroxide for sore throats and plugged ears but I've never used it for cleaning... great tips.

  3. I'll have to dig that bottle out of the back of my closet. Thanks for the tip.



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