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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Starting a new Tradition

Well it's going to be a Thanksgiving one that isn't at my house!!! OMG  it been a lllllllllloooooooooonnnnngggggg time that I haven't had to do most of the cooking!!  This year it will be done by Gpa and the college right here in town nephew.  My brother and his wife are coming up. Miss Animal Rights  and Tech are coming too...

I have purchased  some plastic containers for the left over food.... ( I know I was going to cut down but thought that the plastic will be easily to pack to travel.)  My nephew, I,  Miss Animal Rights and Tech have a half a hour drive.  My brother on the other hand has a 3 hour drive home..... So plastic Non BPA plastic won... They  will hopefully be reused Well I know that we will reuse them......  Kinda like a early present to help them take home some extras!!

Now the bad part I work tomorrow and will be picking up some things after work.... yea I get to stand in line.....
My list:
Pumpkin pie
Hawaiian rolls
Apple cider
that set thing for the kid's new place....

So I want to tell you all  
Happy Thanksgiving to everyone! 


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  1. I hope it went well and you had a happy Thanksgiving!



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