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Monday, December 6, 2010

Lake Effect Snow

the patio table

If you live by the Great Lakes you know lake effect snow.  It's been snowing for about 3 days now.... Saturday Night I had a drive home.  It normally takes me around 15 minutes at night to get home.  Saturday night  it was about 45 minutes.  I was going around 40 MPH on the expressway.  I really am glad many people in this area have 4 wheel drive but really if it so GREAT why does one feel the need to ride the "slower person back end?" Go around people... Yea you have those types and then you have the very slow types that for all we know might have bad tires, fussy kid or new driver... whatever reason they are going slow they don't need the ride their back-ends and honk at them drivers!! I felt sorry for one driver she looked so young and freaked out.... I slowed down and let her "follow me" because the highway was a blanket of white... geesh there where a few times I wondered was I still in the middle lane??? Oh well it was just us and we had a person at a nice distance behind her!! So today I had off I stayed in the house, well, I had to retrieve  my trash container and that all..

trees in my backyard
The mailman brought me some of my Cyber Monday deals today... I got some reusable grocery bags from the Breast Cancer Awareness Site Store!! I am using them for wrapping!!

  I started my candy cooking for gifts- forgetting that the humidity can effect that... I have some too soft hard candy... humm maybe I can have a taffy pull later???  But the brittle turned out great.... Ok so I cheated I used a microwave recipe....

I know that many people in upstate New York have over a foot of snow and many people in the South are  experiencing wind chill factors of 8 degrees when they are used to 50 to 60 degree weather right now.  The nay sayers the people that like to tease me that Global warming is hoax love to say hwat do I say to that? That Georgia is having a wind chill factors... I say that Global warming is the wrong term that it should be Global weather mess, cause that what is happening.... They tell me that weather goes in cycles... I say OK then why are we breaking weather records for both warm and cold and most are record breaking from the 70's nothing before that??? If it is in cycles should the cycle be bigger than 30 years??
Ahhh they still don't get it, but I know that the biggest factor for me is the pollution


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  1. Guess those in Asia can't wait to see snow and those who live in places that snows finds it quite a burden. I would like to wish you a Merry Christmas in advance in case I couldn't get to wish you on that day. May you always stays healthy and happy.



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