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Thursday, December 9, 2010

Busy in the Kitchen

Oh I have been cooking some fudge and candies for gifts.  I made  some wonderful glazed nuts to scatter in my packages. of cookies and candies
Plus some sugar scrubs.... for the ladies on my list..... Some have part brown sugar and part white sugar with oatmeal cinnamon and  pumpkin spice for a wonderful  oatmeal cookie scrub.
The recipe is kinda easy...

1 cup Brown or white sugar or a combination of each
1/2 cup of ground fine oatmeal
1/2 cup of oil (sunflower, safflower, peanut, almond or grapeseed)

the sugars equal 2 parts while the oil equals 1part and then add a sprinkle of the spices. 
The oil  that you use in everyday cooking isn't the best to make a scrub with but can work in a pinch (if you need to use right away...) but they don't keep and are not the greatest for leaving your skin soft.  Watch out for nut allergies if you or anyone one in your family (or the person you are gifting this to ...) have allergies to nuts use the safflower or grapeseed oils. 
Safflower oil is great for anyone with very dry skin.a heavier oil
Grapeseed for those of us that have very sensitive skin.  very light oil that quickly absorbs.
Plus add a little grapeseed oil to help keep the scrub longer or Vitamin E oil.  I know vitamin E oil or jojoba can be very expensive so when I saw vitamin E oil for cheap I had to get a couple bottles!! So my beautiful ladies with get a  few drops of this wonderful oil added. 


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