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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Healthy Junk food!!

SO just so you know I love oxymorons!!  Healthy what??? Healthy food dressed up as Junk food is more like the truth!

Have you seen the new ad program for Baby Carrots? Where they have some very overt sexual innuendos and the fact is that is said during the video..... Don't watch around young ones:

Baby Carrots | Eat 'Em Like Junk Food | Indulge

But they have some cool new Junk food package that you can download and place your "boring" carrots into to get your young one to eat... Like Junk food....

So will changing the outer package to a junk food looking package make kids want it more?  Using stupid stints help sell the food? Or insulting the mother of little ones by using very overt sexual innuendos in a commercial help sell carrots??? Oh yes .... baby carrots....

Last I heard about baby carrots there was a group that wanted the labeling off baby carrots to be stopped for the fact was they are not baby carrots.  They used to be the carrots that where too short, crooked or broken carrots....... so a smart farmer decided to peel them down to a uniform smaller size.  OK so there is no truth to the rumor that they are soaked in chlorine.  Check out Snopes!

BUT the truth is now they are breed for the sweetness and size that kids love!! So the group trying to get the name changed was a mood point I believe cause they can be "baby" as in size.  Yea some of us farmers know the spring weeding vegetables are young and tender.  That is what they believe is baby carrots.  I say hey my girls love those carrots as young one so I love those carrots!! I used to tell her dad that hey it worth the extra money cause she eats the baby carrots but not the regular carrots! And still does!!  I thought that it had to be a mother trying to get her children interested in good food.... you know like the fact that pizza was a invention to get the kids lunch and use up the bread from the night before.

 So now we have a company or is that a group well they call themselves :a bunch of carrot farmers... really more like a very creative marketing person!! But hey I think that this might take off! Junk food packaging on healthy food?  Hey they started with cheese and drink boxes...  What can they do that to next???  What would you love if they junk food-ised packaging for? 


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