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Saturday, January 29, 2011

Wind burn!

I wonder if it is true that once you get windburn you should be careful you will get it again...  Well that what my grandmother would tell me, that remember that so I would cover up better??? Yea I think that was the reason..... BUT I had the worst windburn, after the windchill of -10.... a couple of weeks ago.

I know it is not wind burn it is my skin being too dry.... maybe it isn't windburn because I didn't get blisters.... but it does look like someone dragged me  for miles.  That rug burn.... the nasty red rash... the burn from hell...  It really hurts.....

I have wind burn on both legs, mostly on the sides.  as well as my arms and lower back..... and to think I was out there scraping off my windows and helped scrape a co-worker windows (older lady who has a heart condition and was having trouble with the wind "taking her breath away"..) with another co-worker... it was one of those nights that it was bitter cold and the wind was going right threw you...

So the shower was a very painfully experience...That is when I found out my condition..  . first thing I thought of was a oatmeal bath.  I use a oatmeal and wheat germ scrub for my face so I just started a bath and dumped some it to the water.

Oh I have been putting coconut oil on my body every chance I get.  I put some in a old make-up container right by the potty.....  I put on some grape seed oil right before I jump in the shower....
It's getting better day by day.... I broke down and got some lotion from the health food section at the store for my hands because  the coconut oil  wasn't lasting very long.  Plus as much as I spend on making my own I could buy their lotion and it lasts longer..... 


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