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Friday, January 21, 2011


Cabin fever is spending like wild fire at work and now gasp to my family........... Snow again with 2-5 inches today, 2-5 more tonight and a wind chill of -2 degrees... oh yea Cabin fever time....

Restlessness, moodiness, cranky and just one big downer lately.  I was talking at work with a couple of the ladies I work with and I replied that I felt like I had PMS multiplied 10 times!!!! Then I heard them go OMG Yes....  wow  gee I am sorry if I have been really cranky... nope, they replied that they felt that way too. like on edge and moody..Like extra strong PMS....

Plus it seems that I really have lost my appetite not sure if it is part cold, or my cabin fever or the quit smoking thing.... but I really am having problems with eating to much right now... I eat and feel bloated or things don't taste right.... I still finding my new tastes from the lack of smoking pickling my tonne.... plus trying not to go there.... helps that I banded smoking in my house and tell myself - "You don't want to go outside and freeze!!" when I feel like giving in....... I also found that I am adding more heat to things like tacos, so maybe it is that cold isn't gone 100%......... that is helping make  things tasting bland....

Can the snow and the cold winds bring this horrible fever to the mass of the frozen northeastern Ohio??  Or is this a man made disaster...Or hormonal scramble with the all these females in the same area? Like when our hormones talk to each other and we all get that time of the month together??

I saw get a blog and whine and bitch about it and you will feel a little better.........Oh I just remember I bought some steak at the store...... Maybe a "grilled" steak will help the fever......... yumm with ton of grilled onions... and a baked sweet potato...


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