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Thursday, January 20, 2011

Ohio Winters are Tough Winters!

Ah the fun of working til late. You walk out at 9PM and your windows are a sheet of ice. The local news had this story. They reported that if you spray the windows with a mix of vinegar and water at night they wouldn't ice up the next morning. They also told us that if you add some rubbing alcohol to the windshield wiper fluid; you could just use your windshield wipers to clear off ice.

SO thinking about this, I don't trust the rubbing alcohol idea at all. Basic Science class teaches us that you add water and cold temperatures= ICE! Add more water or windshield wiper fluid= more ice.  I learned that when I first learned to drive... duh...I really don't think adding 5 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to your fluid will change the out come that much....  because yes alcohol doesn't freeze but maybe it would clear your windows better...... but hope you never get pulled over.... You might have some problems explaining to the officer doing his job that what he smells is your windshield fluid.... Right!!! LOL Plus I think it would cost more to add enough alcohol to the windshield fluid to make a difference..... just my thoughts.  Plus many companies have a winter mix that is suppose to help!  But rain X didn't work for me, it just smeared my windshield and I couldn't remove it!! It was a clear picture just a little fuzzy, but still bothered me....

So I did a experiments of the 2 part vinegar plus 1 part water, to spray on the windows  I did this one day after I got to work..... they reported that you spray the windows at night and in the morning no ice.  I added the 5 tablespoons of rubbing alcohol to the spray bottle. Guess what I had ice after a 8 hour shift.  I did spray the water on the windshield to just see if the rubbing alcohol would help to remove the ice.... Just for experiential value. Guess what it didn't remove the ice but it didn't ice it up any more..... Didn't help didn't hurt....  But it does give you a shock when your purse falls into it and it sprays while you are driving down the expressway..... Vinegar and rubbing alcohol smells, woke me up......... LOL

Now all I have to do is teach the other drivers that scraping a small hole in the drivers side and not even removing the snow off your car is a dangerous thing to do, but any one that lives up north knows there are many people that still do it......


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  1. hehehe, I hadn't heard of the vinegar trick but not sure I'd believe it works. It's cold over here in Minnesota too. Hate when people drive with their windows still covered in snow and ice!



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