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Sunday, January 23, 2011

Puppy Dog tails....

I was suppose to get a dog from a friend of a friend...she was moving cross country and couldn't take her dog.  So I meet with her and the dog is super cool and everything.  I was taken back at the size of this canine.... he was quite big..... but hey no problem I was thinking when petting him.... good guard dog etc.... well I get my schedule for the last week of Jan and see 20 hours??? WTH? I'm not too sure about this....... I can and have lived on 30 dollars a week for food but not with a large dog.... I am kinda strange I don't like feeding the dogs something cheap for most of the time that it messes with them in some way.  Like upset stomachs, vomiting, more gas and more of dog poop in the back yard.. So yea I  worry about the money end.... I hesitated when she asked about the dog, about changing my mind.  I truthfully told I wasn't  a 100% sure........ so she did find another family that wanted him.  Good for the dog!  But I still felt bad for being wishy washy.  I kinda beat myself up for it...

SO when I awoke the other day and found a notice from Vitim Association saying there has been numbers of break in in the area, giving numbers for the police and them for help.... I thought this is the universes way of saying shame on you for going back on your word and now you see why you should have said yea I will take the dog...... Yea I have been around the 2 drama queens too long... but I have been missing them!! Guess it is the cabin fever to the max!

So I am talking to my dad about it.... he told well you were thinking about the dog, first..... And then tell me about his neighbor that has puppies.  I was like I don't have time for house breaking and chewing  up everything..... just toys.... Animal Rights laughs and says they are not puppies then are like what 8 months old... My dad said yea they are almost a year old... and housebroken.... They were puppies in the spring when I first told you about them.... ummmm ok... maybe I will get a smaller dog......... and protection for my house......

Well I have not been to meet the puppy yet.  I know my dad's neighbor... and she knows me.  But of course I pick a bad time -however it can be a good time later... She has just gotten surgery on her knee.  She might not want company too soon.  But a good timing see how we both work retail and to find a time we both are off  (plus she is a mom... whose kids have after school stuff and that type of thing, well you mom's know what I mean!!!)  

Most people believe that the barking dog scares away the would be robber.   The noise is more a deteriorate then the fear of being bit..However as one learned at a friends house sometimes you get both!!
 Yea kick in her door meet her 5 dogs...( She does foster homeless dogs)... . run back out the door.... well at least they closed the door behind them..... the last one didn't and her deaf dog took off after them... took her a couple days to find him!!


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  1. Hi, thanks for commenting on my blog post on drug side effects. I had a similiar experience. In my case, the drug was mirena. It, too, has a long list of side effects and you have to sign a release. When I told my doctor I was concerned about the side effects, she "You won't get any side effects". Oh, really, and she knew this how? After doing independent research, I decided it wasn't for me and, after hearing the problems many woman are having with it, I don't regret my choice. I wrote a post about this sometime early last year.

    Thanks for being a loyal reader.




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