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Monday, January 3, 2011

What is happening in Arkansas??

Happy New Year!  Ok I am late but I hope it was good....

Wow it was not for the black birds in Arkansas. Where depending on what report you hear or read over 1,000 blackbirds fell from the sky.  The New York Post reports that they don't believe that the birds where poisoned.  Yahoo who I will not post a link to had a racist sound to the news blaming the fireworks of the Mexican population.... wow there is still some real problems that people can't get along!!!  

You might notice that many people are blaming the green house effect or better wording for the nay saysers of how can it be globial warming if I got snow in Atlanta????  would be climate change.

We wait for the reports from the National Wildlife Health Center for answers on this strange omen from Arkansas............ 


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