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Wednesday, December 8, 2010

The Reason For the Season

Wow have you seen Yahoo! Ripples Of Kindness ?  It's a site where people can post their acts of kindness, causing a ripple effect.... one act of kindness can cause someone else to do something nice for someone then it just ripples out from there, kinda like that insurance commercial.

Kinda reminding people that the true reason for the season isn't the money we spend.... which most of the time is too much, or if we have little of it, we worry about how we are going to have a holiday.  With unemployment at 9.5 % (or is that just my area??) You have to wonder how many people are finding themselves in the holiday spirit.   

We have always had the random acts of kindness attitude in this house. Yea most of us work with the public...  we know how people can get! But then people can be having a bad day for whatever reason. You  never know what they are going threw.  Like the fact I said earlier, they could be losing their home, a loved one or job! So yea they can be kinda cranky.... Oh ok the restaurant manger in me is out today... So how about trying not to take it personally and do something nice for someone.  It can be a easy as opening that door or holding that door.  Saying I'm sorry if you are in someones way...... You know how that feels when you are in a rush and someone is taking up half the lane with a cart and looking at something... LOL so if the person says "OMG I'm sorry!"  and moves the cart, we say "oh that's ok" ....... Right? Cause that is all we want is some respect and kindness.... So why not ask "Need some help?" if they are looking at the top shelf or if it is something heavy.... You know that the favorite thing for our cart guys is? They love to help our customers load their cars!  Not too many places do that anymore.... and they are told thank-you! Yep 95% of the time they hear a heart felt thank-you so it is their favorite part of their job! So remember that if you are a object of a random act of kindness. LOL cause your thank-you it self is a act of kindness.... funny thing I think we forgot that in this season of rushing here and there trying to find the perfect gift............ You can hear some nasty stuff when it get really busy and people have to wait... So try to cut that cashier some slack, she/he  has been cussed at and yelled at for things they can't control.... A smile is free.....

Have a beautiful day my beautiful readers!! 


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