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Saturday, April 2, 2011

Use less...

Doing my eco-friendly thing, I have a old office chair that I sit in as I surf the web.... but the problem is that the  cats also love it.... they have realy really like it...   As you can see, they like to climb to the top of the chair.  Sometimes they  will sharpen their nails on the side there!!!

It kinda bothered me that I had this horrible looking chair, it wasn't broke or really too bad, just has this part of the chair that is torn up!!!

I was reading the Sunday Morning paper and noticed that one store had bucket seat covers on sale. I thought wow that might work.... Oh yea it works.... Yea the back isn't as tight as the cover would be in the car.  I thought I might cut and sew something to help it if needed. But I use that sun pillow because I am short and my legs don't hit the floor while my back is to the back of the chair. 

Aw I have a "new" chair and I didn't add to the landfill! My family laughed when they saw it and asked where I go the just one seat cover... Really they asked if I had the other one... LOL BUt I think they are getting one for their beaten up chair..........


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