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Sunday, April 17, 2011

What are you doing for Earth Day?

Earth Day! It.s coming up! This year it is on a Friday...
Part of me thinks that Earth Day is a great idea and the other part of me doesn't. This year there is no all day celebration, just a regular ritual in the park.

I had issues last year with the whole process... People walking around with bottles of water... not reusable containers... not the people visiting the people putting on "workshops". I thought that the whole thing was too commercialized for the whole fact is earth day is to protect the earth not sell more stuff... yea we had some artist there and a couple seed booths. It just seemed that they forgot what the earth day movement was all about...

This year there is the gulf oil spill yes it started before earth day but lasted 3 months, Japan — Earthquake, Tsunami and Nuclear Crisis, animals dying in numbers, and the budget cuts that include the EPA..... what can Earth day become? So knowing me I am doing the ritual this Earth Day. Asking people to pledge a act of going green. Will it last more than a year? I wonder.... But maybe the act of asking people to take a rock as a talisman to their promise to the earth.

Guess I think too much and expect too much because I do understand that habits are hard to change..... But maybe the fact is what I plan to say is true.... even a small change times as many people in the world equals a huge change........


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