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Monday, May 30, 2011

Home Cooked Meal!

The way to a man's heart my momma told.. was threw his stomach... LOL

But mainly for fussy taste of my family I have been cooking from scratch, getting away from packaged meals. But lately I been seeing in line and hearing on many TV shows that has many benefits. Including saving money and being eco-friendly.

Now that I think about hey it is eco-friendly to cook from scratch.

You are using fresh ingredients at times. No packaging at all... just the fruit or vegetable of your choice. Yes organic is the best but hey you have to do what you gotta do. Frozen is the next best thing and still have larger amounts in just one bag. Which brings up the next point:

Using less packaging.... One envelope equals one meal. Where one box or bag of rice equals many meals!! Plus you can season it any way you want.... If I had kept making those envelopes I would have ever know that adding pineapple to rice can be delicious!! Or that the recipe I found for Spanish rice tastes so much like the "hot sauce rice" of that chicken restaurant we used to go to years ago that now is closed for business..... that everyone would eat like mad crazy people. And not the stuff they ate little of cause it wasn't the best, but ok.....

NO High Fructose Corn Syrup!! Ok maybe if you don't check the labels on our condiment's but still you will use less..... just like the commercial says "ok in small quantities" There is high-fructose corn syrup in packaged chicken nuggets, make chicken strips in your oven, with flour and spices.... or grill it!

Less salt, sugar and or preservatives! You control the amount. Have you ever looked at the label and saw large numbers of sugar or the sodium level???? Goodness sometimes it can be high in sugar things you never would have taught..

Use your leftovers as a lunch for work the next day. Using a reusable container you have a very green and tasty meal. I have noticed that I really do cook a little extra for lunches the next day.... AND I enjoy them more!! I don't have to pick out the peppers or peas.... I just don't put them in!!

Plus this will help save money! Less waste and better for you...


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