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Friday, November 27, 2009

Black Friday is Here!

So many people are running out to the stores at early early hours to try to get bargains on their Christmas list.  While thousands of people are out today buying gifts, many people are telling you that this day should be called Buy Nothing day. Buy nothing day is an international day of protest against consumerism. A day for society to examine the issue of over-consumption and waste in this society.

My thoughts are I don't go shopping on Black Friday.  I have to work. Yea most of the store is scheduled to work today it is a busy day.  BUT the busiest day is usually is not one day but 2 or 3 days:  the week-end before Christmas. 

Today is the day Jdimytai Damour, a Wal-Mart associate that  died  in Valley Stream, NY.  The day that the shoppers didn't even notice that they broke down the doors minutes before it opened and had stomped a man to death.  I just glad the same didn't repeat itself this year!

So please remember that most store employees know the pressures of the holiday and the craziness. We don't decide the prices, how many will be in the store or what we carry. But we are just like you working to pay for a nice holiday whatever religion you or they follow. Play nice or I will have put people in corners!!

PS more on eco-friendly gift ideas coming up I have to get ready for work!!


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