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Sunday, November 29, 2009

Reuse Reuse reuse

Eco-friendly gift containers? I found this site where you can download a template for your Folgers Coffee container. They have some that you could let the kids color also. I know it is very hard to get the smell of coffee out of the plastic but it would be great for a coffee drinker.... humm maybe some coffee spoons.

Coffee spoons
Recycled Spoons (Wendy's are very strong)
Chocolate chips
Candy canes (crushed)

Melt chocolate in a double boiler. Try not to boil chocolate this makes it very tough to work with.
Drip spoons in melted chocolate
Drip into crushed candy cane.

I have also seen them at the fancy coffee places with just chocolate but white chocolate was drizzled over top. Carmel sauce too............

Use to stir (favor)  your coffee

Animals Rights Girl used to do this for her teachers, and more than one LOVED them. So when she got older she would do it for the people at Church and her boss (the ones that liked coffee)


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