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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Holidays Ideas

So I have been busy trying to come up with ideas for the Holidays that doesn't include a lot of money. I am not in a good spot financially right now.  One idea that really looked good is the paint and decorate dishes idea from Care2. But I can't seem to find the paints . I looked on line and many places are out of stock. ; I looked at the sites for the craft stores around here and they basically said to go to the store to buy and I didn't find anything like that in the store... Grr. But then more research online is that they are not recommended for use where food or utensils will be in direct contact with painted area; OK. So I have come up painting the bottom of glass plates. I hope I didn't just jinx myself there!! I will have to look for glass plates at Goodwill and places like those. Then again I still can't find those paints. More research..... I find that DecoArt has a paint (oh Walmart didn't... off to the craft store) DecoArt Ultra Gloss Acrylic Enamels that is the same thing. PLUS I know Pat Catans; a area discount craft store, carries  DecoArt, just hope they carry this type. Plus they can be baked and are recommended for glass painting.

So tomorrow is my day off, off to Pat Catans and Good Will.
And to think of more ideas to make presents.............

Any one making presents for someone on their list this year?
What are you planing on making?


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