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Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Weather outside is frightful

  We got it! We got snow. I had the last 2 days off so I got to hibernate.......

With the rock salt in hand; the sidewalks are salted and clear.

I thought what a great time to blog about the great things one can use regular table salt for!

Because you can truly in a pinch use it on your sidewalks outside to clear the ice.
Helps remove greasy film from pans.  Sprinkle with salt  let sit. Use your dish washcloth with warm soapy water  to clean.  The salt acts like an abrasive plus soaks up the grease.
Clean greasy spills. Sprinkle on salt and let sit.  Wipe up.  Sometimes it takes more than one time to get a bigger spill cleaned up.  Grease is a pain to clean.
Clean drains.  Remove odors with 1/2 cup salt to a quart of hot water.  Pour down the drain.
Clean your discolored coffee pot.  Add salt and  ice then swirl.
Clean your iron by ironing a damp cloth that you rub salt on.
For sore throats.  Add salt to warm water and gargle
Add to the water of your greens (like spinach) to help remove the dirt.
Remove a wine stain. Pour salt on to the stain and let sit. Rinse with cool water.
Salt and lemon juice removes mildew.

I have heard but never tried: that adding a sprinkle of salt  to your hot tea, coffee, hot chocolate or cocoa makes it taste better but really don't think the drinks need any help. I like the taste they have!!  But if you want you can try it!

I am not sure about this tip.  I just heard it and need to give it a try!  :
Keep the inside of your windshield clear of frost .   2 teaspoons of salt to every  gallon of hot water.  Rub on windshield,  wipe dry.... I need that help!


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