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Friday, January 1, 2010

What are your Green New Years Resolutions?

Recycle? Do I have to say that? I think most cities and areas now have recycling pick-up. If not I hope most are recycling centers (hey I still turn my aluminum cans in for a nice little reward. We have pizza night with our reward)
Reuse your items? Join a craft site like Craftster and find ideas! For reconstructing your clothes I like Theadbanger; they have videos that show you how to if you a beginner... Plus they have other ideas on reusing and have a younger feel ideal for the teen in your life. I even found a cool kids calendar with ideas for kids to reuse. A group of teacher put this together.
Reduce using waste and use less natural resources. Less water, gas and electricity? Saves on the household costs..
Use less plastics? Did you know that there is a island of plastic in the ocean known as The Great Pacific Garbage Patch and is estimated to be as big as Texas? Fake Plastic Fish has a list of things she did to cut her use of plastics.
Eat less frozen food meals? Make more from scratch? Surprising how much more the little ones and the older ones too eat something that taste better because it was made at home. Plus it taste better when they help make it.. ;)
Eat locally grow fruits and vegetables? Like the 100 Mile Diet? Visit framers markets and co-ops when you can?
Not buy anything new? A group in San Francisco called The Compact is not going to buy anything new, buy most of the things from second hand stores or getting them repaired. Of course food can be purchased new..

Live a low impact life? Like the Low Impact Man? I think he even got a t-v show. He unpluged but now is on the tube.
Remember the cradle to cradle ideal? Use our dollars to tell the companies that we will only purchase something that will last and can recycled??
Recycle our electrics?? And get some money?? Eco New pays for your used electrics. Walmart even will trade in your old electrics.

Have a staycation? With no worries of luggage getting lost or the driver!

Make more things from scratch - eat less processed foods
Keep up the saving of natural resources. Keep down household expenses, with my income!
Try making things that are commonly made with high fructose corn syrup at home... trying new ideas...
As much as I can remove BPA foods from my pantry.


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  1. Hi! Happy New Year. I would like to start my new year by forwarding some awards to you. Come over to my blog and collect all of it. Have a nice green day ahead.



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